But she still hated runny eggs

They did it. They finally did it. A grand sense of relief. A weight lifted off of her shoulders. A movement forward. A stop to the mental hemorrhage. Now their lives could truly begin. Or so it felt. Everything had been in stasis. Or so it had seemed. Now things had to change because the room, the place who they were had changed.

But she still hated runny eggs. The yolk stared at her as a reminder of past failures that she couldn’t get past. Maybe she should just soak them in cream and swallow them whole. That was the way of the world, afterall.

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  1. Ah Yes The Little Things That Don’t Meet
    Perfection Like Runny Eggs That Never
    Quite Catch Up to Sunny Side Up
    i Remember A Manager of
    A Navy Officer’s Club
    Restaurant Working His
    Tail Off 60 to 80 Hours a Week
    And They Didn’t Need Him Anymore
    And What He Said As i Was Just Trying
    to Survive Another Day At Work You Are
    Almost There Yet You Never Arrive
    Wow… All My Education
    And Work Experience Failed
    me THeNoW All i Have to Do to
    Stay is Dance And
    Sing Free
    As The
    River Flows
    As Time Goes
    As the River Flows
    As ‘Time’ Goes Excellent
    Song by the “Alan Parson’s Project”
    Too My Mother’s Favorite Song my Sister
    Playing it For Her Through Ear Buds As She Slowly
    Faded Away The Last 8 Days Going Away As Natural
    As Possible Becoming The River Again As Time Flows
    Eternally Now Yet Last Breath Deafening Silence Leaving
    The Hospital Then A White Wildflower I
    Sprouting Up Out of the Concrete Sidewalk Brighter Than the
    Moon That Night Just a Reminder As Time Flows The River Carries On…
    Anyway Life is Sunny Side Up And Mistakes Generally Now Become Yes
    Just What
    i Need for
    A Next Creative
    Dance And Song of Sun to Come out of Moon…
    River Again As Time Flows Eternally Now…
    Sun or Moon It’s All Same LiGHT Now to me..:)


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