The harder the step, the more important it is to take it

At times, after a challenging day at school, we tell my son that life is not fair. He hates remote learning and doesn’t understand why his teachers have yet to master the technology. He even takes it personally. Which, of course, he shouldn’t. But I have digressed a bit. Just a bit.

Another kernel of wisdom we try to pass onto him. Hard steps in life are to be expected. They need to be taken. We make sure that he understands that the harder the step, the more important it is to take it. We try to convince that something that is hard, is not to be taken lightly. Plus, you feel a great sense of accomplishment when you take those hards steps. Empowement. Not a bad thing to pursue.

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  1. SMiLes When We Come to Understand
    That the Top of Every Mountain is

    A New Mountain to Climb

    Every Step Becomes

    The Gift Every

    Climb Becomes

    The Same Height

    As Valley High Mountain

    LoW in Ease

    NoW As A


    of ‘Wu Wei’ in Flow
    Of Increasing Human
    Potentials Where the
    Butcher’s Knife Never Dulls

    Where The Dancer’s Soles

    Never Wear Down Either

    Nor Our Souls Within

    FRiEnDS With Gravity

    This WaY in Balancing

    Orbiting The


    oF ALL
    Existence Within

    Stars Remaining
    in Skies Above BeLow…

    My God ThiS Way of Life
    Has Saved me a Ton of Bucks
    on Nike Athletic Shoes i Used to
    Go Through a Pair Every Three Months

    Now 160 Miles of Public Dance Takes me
    Through 8 Months Going on A Year of ‘The Butcher’s Blade’..:)

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  2. From John D. MacDonald Travis McGee novel Pale Grey for Guilt:
    “In all emotional conflicts the thing you find hardest to do is the thing you should do.” —Meyer’s Law
    It makes decisions clearer: don’t like hospitals, but your aunt is in one and may not make it out? Should you go visit? – Meyer’s Law.
    Don’t want to do something with a friend – ghost her? – Meyer’s Law.
    If you look at it carefully, what it means is that you will FEEL much better afterward, and have FEWER REGRETS, if you act like a grownup and do what you already know you should.
    We know it isn’t easy to go to hospitals – but grownups and loved ones do.
    Probably applies to many other things that don’t seem to be emotional conflicts, but you’d be surprised how much they really are. Such as doing the boring work – for which you’re paid. Filing taxes. Sending thank you notes. RSVPing on time.
    Your son is young, so he is allowed to grump and to fail sometimes, but you know (and he does) that you’re both preparing him to be an adult in a world of full-grown children.

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