Ghosts within ourselves

Cobwebs. Rusted gate. Dusty step. Locked up. Forgotten. An empty bowl. A thriving cactus amongst the ruins. A reflected life with no humanity. Hiding. Biding time.

There’s no key. No exit. Can only push through. Rush in. Yet halt time. The memories linger. Ghosts within ourselves. A heavy burden. A weighted shoulder. A sagging heart. It still pumps but everyday it fades a little more.

That is what she felt everyday as she passed this house. She wanted to scream and see if the windows cracked open. But she knew the ghosts would only hold on tighter.

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  1. Ghost in the Machine
    Machine in the Ghost

    Oh How Life Goes

    When We Lose



    Or We Turn
    Away Seemingly
    Never Coming Back
    SMiLes All the Homes in
    my Neighborhood Windows
    Without Souls Until i Danced The
    Mornings in Broad Daylight Not Afraid

    to Meet and Greet

    All the Warmth

    of the Windows

    And Brick And
    Mortar Without Soul

    True it Didn’t Take Long
    Before Humanity Came
    Out of my and their Machines…

    It’s Surely Hard For Many Folks to Break


    And Return Again..:)


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