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Tom Brady and the Boomerang effect

What’s old is new. What’s new is old. People are supposedly boomeranging. I may have just made up a word. Before- a mere four months ago-everyone was resigning. Now, those who resigned want back. They had thought the grass would be greener but only came to find out you may be better off with the devil you know.

Tom Brady retired. But now he’s back. He wasn’t gone long enough to have grown a beard or mustache. He wasn’t gone long enough for us to have missed him. Well, I don’t like and thus would never miss him. But you get the point.

Just in case, let me explain who is a boomerang person. A boomerang employee is an employee who leaves a company they work for, but then later returns to work for the company once again.

To boomerang or not to boomerang? My philosophy is go and stay gone. This boomerang thing is weird. Think about it. Even if the grass isn’t greener elsewhere, you still left for a reason. Even if you learned things are bad everywhere doesn’t mean you automatically will love your old place.

Another bad fallout from a boomerang employee? Let’s go back to Tom Brady. A now very unlucky Brady fan paid more than half a million dollars for the last football Tom Brady threw in an NFL game before retiring last season. Guess what though. That ball’s worth deflated pretty quickly. And if you follow football or don’t like Brady, you’ll get that pun. Basically that half a million dollar ball has now lost much of its value after Brady said he’s coming back to the Buchaneers. Ouch! I’m not too sure what the lesson learned is here but it’s a pretty pricey one.

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  1. SMiLes Sports A Microcosm
    of Society And Tribalism

    Of Course Go ‘Tom
    Brady’ Returning

    Again Whenever
    At Least
    For Real


    ‘The Masses’
    From Strangling

    Someone Else on
    “Another Team” For Real

    True i Gave Up Sports

    And i Don’t Need
    Any Hero

    Of Any

    Other Than Free…

    Hehe Believe it or Not
    i Actually Had A Class in
    College Called “The Philosophy
    of Sports” And True It Really Is
    A Microcosm of This Human Condition

    And True i Went Further Than Just A Health Science
    Degree, Or Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, Or Anthropology

    Degree Alone

    Or Even
    State Foot
    Ball For A
    Couple of
    Decades too HAha

    It’s Amazing Though
    How Many of my Peers
    Got Stuck in Voyeur Sports Life Long

    Picture it Them All Sitting Around on Mall Benches
    And How Exciting my Life Still Is in Dancing Smiles

    Very Fresh
    Spring Year
    Round Never

    Any Games Required
    All is Spring Break Just For Play..:)


  2. I think boomeranging is bizarre. If you want to go then go. Why would you then come back. The Brady thing is weird too. When his age starts to prevent him from playing well he will regret it. Best to go out at the top for an athlete.


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