Can’t fall off the floor

The Monday blahs. I didn’t know that existed until I entered the workforce. As a kid, Monday could be cool if you actually looked forward to school and seeing your friends. In college Mondays were hit or miss. As much of everything else at that point in time.

The Monday blahs are real enough. But the Wednesday blahs squared a real phenomenon as well. Lets face it, every day now presents unique minefields and quicksands. The worst quicksands are those in which you are trapped and your peers push your head further down. A sad commentary of the state of workforce toxicity. Or should I say workplace?

Anyway, here we are again on the hampster wheel. Here’s a thought. Often the Monday blahs come with a sense of feeling like you are on the floor curled up. Actually, maybe you feel that way intermittently throughout the week. If you do, one thing you can realize is that you can’t fall off the floor. Just brace yourself as slowly as you need and eventually get back up. Don’t make the floor comfortable with pillows. Throw that all up onto the couch. Find your way back up. Find it within you and through the help of ithers who truly wish to lift you up and not stomp on you while you’re down. Cast those aside.

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