Report of a person armed with a frying pan

Oh New York. Again, I love this city. Yet, each day lately I shake my head in wonder. Hate crimes against Asians. Feces throwing on the subway. Following people into apartment buildings. People standing braced against the walls on subway platforms. I’m old enough to remember feeling safe on the streets of New York five years ago. I used to proudly tell everyone and anyone who would listen that New York was the safest big city in the United States.

Now, I get alerts on my phone through the Citizen app that there is a person in the neighborhood armed with a frying pan. The thing about New York is that you see people all the time carryimg odd things from sofas to christmas trees to television sets. We are a walking culture and just carry many things around. Less so the past decade with the rise of Uber and Lyft. Regardless, carrying a frying pan is not an abnormal event to see. Yet now, it’s been weaponized.

I still love this city. Always will. I do hope that the city gets its act together so that frying pans are just for cooking.

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  1. Well True Not too Long Ago
    The ‘Amazing Joker’ Had

    Something to Say About
    The Future of ‘Gotham’

    And Now ‘The Batman’

    Forecasts What’s
    Already Come

    For What Was
    Written First
    to Tell that Story
    True too Yet i Will

    Wait For the Rest of the
    Review for ‘The Batman’ From

    You Of Course There are Really No
    Spoilers When Fiction Only Portrays reality first

    Trees in the Forest Behind my Home Only Armed

    With Branches

    of Eden



    A Free Breeze
    The Little Furry
    Creatures Really only
    Scuffling With Each Other
    Fighting over the Free Sunflower
    Seeds We So Generously Provide

    To Domesticate Their Wild A Bit i Suppose

    It Takes A Riddler Somedays to Train The


    To Take A Different
    Road to Save Gotham Next…

    Until the Riddler Becomes the
    Joker Again Just For Fun

    To Become

    A Taller

    in New New
    York, New York, Hehe..

    As ‘They’ Say Which Came
    First The Chicken or the Egg Ask The Chicken
    and the Egg Neither Speak, the Frying Pan Was

    An End for Both Perhaps THere is A MoraL oF A STory After All…

    Anyway my Grandfather Was An Irish Catholic Priest Born in


    So Much of
    This Indeed

    Even too Much

    Always A Fair
    Green Leprechaun Day for me…

    Except For the Fact The Rest of His
    Well to Do Family in Ireland Black Sheeped
    Him Forever Until i Found Out Where i Came

    From in ’16

    i Still Thank

    Him For Breaking
    The Rules And All
    The Other Rule Breakers Like Him True…

    Hehe the Family Over there Chastised me
    For Wearing Dark Shades At Night Shortly
    After We Dismissed a Flight Over to a Family Reunion…

    i Could Have told
    them All About
    Hell For 66 Months
    And Lent in Spring
    of 2008 Going Without
    Sleep With only 1 Hour
    Shallow Cardboard Sleep
    with An Alpha Blocker for the
    First 35 Out of 40 Days With the
    Worst Pain Known to Humankind
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the
    Suicide Disease Actually Assessed as
    Worse Than the Torture of Crucifixion With

    No Sleep the Last 5 of those 40 Days It’s True

    in Hell You

    Learn there

    Are Experiences

    In Life Worse than Death

    Same God Damned Desert Story
    Same God Damned Human Archetypal
    Experience Just A Coincidence it Was me Again
    40 Days Precisely until A Hospital Put me Under

    to Sleep Anyway By God i Earned my ‘Male Privilege’

    to Wear
    At Night

    It’s What You
    Do When Ya Don’t
    Want the Devil to Live
    in Your Right Eye and Ear
    Again From Wake to Sleep
    No Human Made Drug Will Touch…

    Eggs, Chickens, Frying Pans It’s All
    Really On Topic There Are So Many
    Ways to Get Roasted in this Life


    if We

    Laugh We’d
    Really Die Now For Real…

    Smart Move Walking Every
    Where You Go These Days
    With the Price of Gas Advantage
    Goes to New York on that one now for sure…

    As the Squirrels Are Scuffling About in
    Just Another Garden of Eden Fed by
    Another Adam And Eve As That’s How

    The Whole

    Continues to Begin..:)


  2. Hmm, well, in the first “Dragonlance” book, main character Tika Waylan spent quite a bit of time armed with a frying pan. I seem to recall she used it fairly effectively when necessary, too! (She did eventually upgrade to a sword …)


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