People are primed and ready for behavioral activation

Ok. I’m going to write a sentence and it will be pure academic psychology. And, then it won’t make any sense. And, all will be good. Life is what you make of it. Words have different meanings to different ears. But consensus can sometimes be achieved if we wish and strive for it. Now, that was psychological what not.

People are primed and ready for behavioral activation. Got it? Sure. On a global consciousness scale, we are itching for action. We’ve had two years of inaction, static, and inertia. Throw in some ennui as well. It’s as if we were waiting for a codeword to activate something within us. It’s like were or are sleeper agents.

All I know, is that I find myself googling how to make a molotov cocktail. And, I want to go cheer some more underdogs. Afterall, the Superbowl lead up was in some ways about ferocious battles that came down to to last second between a few underdogs. But that is really a major digression. I’m not too sure how I landed there. Back to being primed for behavioral activation.

You have to be ready and willing. You have to some sense of restlessness. I think we are there.

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  1. Since I live mostly in a chair by a window, I hadn’t thought about people being primed for activation, but they are. They’ve been using that angst to proclaim their theories about vaccines and to refuse masks – they look so petty next to the news coming out of the Ukraine.
    Orders of magnitude petty and self-centered.


  2. “Ennui,” Well, For Anyone Who’s Lived
    Through the Last Cold War And All of
    The End of the World Nuclear Hot Scenarios

    i Suppose There is A Bit of “Ennui” in the Air
    For Those Who Are Actually Paying Attention to

    World Events and Understand the Psychology of
    A Human Being Who Will Never Be Naked, Enough,

    Now in Other Words
    the Human HiSToRY Term
    Long ‘Terminal’ DiSEaSE IT
    Seems these Days STiLL of “Little
    Man” Syndrome As it is Referred
    to Down HeaR in Deep South Biblical
    Belt State Ways As True Big Daddy Problems

    Do Come When
    Little Boys
    Feel They
    Never Measure
    Up With What Big Daddy,
    Culture, Politics, And Or Religion
    in Desert Tribal Warfare Expects

    of them too
    to Exclude Stuff
    Like Emotions and
    Feelings From the Soup

    of Human Until the ‘Little Man’
    Huffs and Puffs in a ‘Pre-War Speech’
    SHoWinG He is Close to CRacKinG the

    Human Facade of His Shadow Being Escape

    Turn the Coin the REAL MAN OF THE SAME


    as true ‘some folks
    dance and some folks
    do not’ as readily and concisely
    described in “Guardian’s of the Galaxy II” too…

    True, Note the Similarities of the Two Heroes
    of that Story for Real of Course one Fiction and
    the Other Currently “Volodymyr Zelenskyy” The
    White Knight Spelling of Count Dracula in Russia in Blood SucKinG Deed…

    my God The Dream of ‘Bonnie Tyler’ Per ‘Holding Out for A Hero’ Has Come True
    And While THeRE Are Innumerable Unsung Heroes Through All of Human Existence
    in our World By God Now We Have one on the National Scene That All Women and
    or Men

    May Dream
    of As A Real
    Hero (Man) Come True

    MaKinG Folks Like Tucker
    Carlson, Trump, And Count
    Dracula in Russia Look “Dirt Cheap”…

    And That’s my Story Here for Today Have a Nice Day
    i Am FULLY Loaded And Cocked For Another All Day Rampage Dancing
    And Singing Free Verse Poetry Spree Got the Devil Now Real on my Right

    Shoulder And Angel Now
    On Left FuLLY iN PLaY…

    Yet As ‘The Chemical
    Brothers’ Dance Sing
    Yes Be Careful The
    Trigger Is

    Hot and

    Ready and
    ‘The Button’ is Also
    Primed to Be Pushed…
    The Battle for Good and
    Evil DarK and LiGHT Continues
    For Who Will Be A Fastest Finger
    of Dance And Song For Real May Push
    ‘A Button’


    Or Last…


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