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You don’t have to be defined by your job but you can be fulfilled

Sadly, many people define themselves by their job title or salary. I say sadly because we are all so much more than that. Even as a CEO, I don’t define myself necessarily by that. I readily understand that those things are not ever-lasting. Actually I strongly believe in multiple careers throughout one’s lifespan.

I was recently watching a television show about how people could live past 150 years old through regeneration technology of sorts (if one has the genes for it). There was a scene between a 68 year old woman at a bar meeting a man over 115 years old. She was astonished that at that age he was just embarking on a second career.

I believe that in order to maximize one’s time on earth, you can’t just stick to one thing. Of course, others may argue that if you stick to that one thing you can become a master and expert. I don’t readily believe expertise comes that way. There are many out there who have been doing the same the same thing for decades and the whole time they’ve been doing it wrong.

Now, with all this said, even if one should not be defined by one’s job one should be fulfilled. Fulfillment can come through many routes. And notably fulfillment comes once one’s basic needs are met. Or so Malow has informed us with what psychologists refer to as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

With this resignation economy taking place en masse, job fulfillment is key. Feeling appreciated and valued are states of being to which we are striving. Such a concept needs to be readily taken into account. We shouldn’t settle but instead look for good fits.

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  1. I’ve never defined myself by my career, but others have tried: I’m a vocal coach, full-time writer and a full-time housewife. I’ve had people ask me when I’m going to get “a real job”, or roll their eyes and say, “Yeah, but what job do you have?”. I just tell them to write a book and let me know how fast that goes for them; or I tell them to prepare vocalists for recordings or competitions, and let me know if their students succeed. I’m fulfilled in my work, and my husband earns enough that I don’t need to go out and get a less-fulfilling job, and I know I’m extraordinarily blessed in that way.


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