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I can wear my eyeglasses again

Nothing deep here today. It’s been a long week and its only Tuesday. When Monday alone feels like a week in of itself, there’s no way to feel great therafter. But perhaps there’s a reset button somewhere. Although, at this point I just want the week over. Onwards.

I have a love/hate relationship with my eyeglasses. I really need corrective lenses. However, I need to wear contact lenses due to the fact I get headaches in the sun and thus need strong sunglasses. However, at about the eight-hour mark of wearing contacts my eyes are super dry and tired. In return, I can barely read anything. My eyes are very fussy, apparently.

During our Covid-19 pandemic times, because of the use of masks, I had difficulty wearing my glasses. They would fog up all the time. And, let me tell you that walking down into the New York City subway all fogged up is not a good mood. Considering the state of subway ridership these days, you need to be able to see. I needed to make sure I could tell the difference between lipstick and pepper spray.

Now that covid is becoming endemic and masks are not necessary everwhere (although I still must wear one everyday at work) I can finally more readily wear my eye glasses. I can see my screen at 5pm. I can see the stairs as I climb down into the subway.

It’s a new day! If only everyday didn’t feel like Monday.

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  1. Speaking of Buttons
    Glad You Are Seeing
    More Clearly Now Without
    Your Glasses
    Fogging Up
    From the
    Last Global
    Mask Fiasco
    Associated With
    Human Ignorance
    (Experienced That too)
    of Being Not Able to
    Cooperate Enough at
    Least in the USA to Nip
    A Problem in the Rose Bud
    Before THorns oF iGNoRaNCE
    F iT
    As Usual
    Once Again
    Have A Nice
    Day As Cruel
    As i Understand
    That Utterance might
    Seem on Your End of
    Reality for Now at Least
    Indeed for Real…
    As i Surely Am Not
    One to Demand Action
    From Someone Else And
    Verily Not A Nice Day That
    is Entirely Up to All of Us in Tow
    of the
    Our Environments Weigh..:)

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