Who tells our story is key, and this holds true for the superbowl

Towards the end of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamiliton, George Washington muses:

You have no control
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?
And when you’re gone, who remembers your name?
Who keeps your flame?
Who tells your story?”

As a kid who grew up as a storyteller, I readily get the power of narration. As someone who exemplifies for many the concept of resilience, I get the power of labels and categorization. Who tells our story determines how we are remembered or even if we are in our own story. It determines who the villains, victims and victors are.

Today is the Superbowl in the United States. Big parties, screams and cheers will abound. As well as many spilled drinks. Not many predicted the Rams vs the Bengals. The Rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford had been with Detroit for ten years and no superbowl ring. He noted at a press conference that he knew the media and the results of the game were about to write his story, his biography.

Again, one’s story and how one controls the narrative is important not only for future hall of fame discussions but also for one’s own well-being.

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  1. YeaH It’s True STiLL Tale YouR Own Story
    Or the News Will Be Only ReMeMBeReD

    About Whether Or Not Tom Brady

    ‘In Vain’ Dyed His Hair

    Or Some ONE

    Who WAS All


    Forgiving So

    Loving Tortures

    ITs Creations Who
    Misbehave Forever in Hell…

    Oh Lord
    At Least
    Tom Brady
    STiLL Has A Chance

    to Set His Record Straight Now
    Or Curly Hair Next Just For Creative
    Fun True too! Yes!

    The Way i Look
    At It Is Tom



    The Free Will
    Relatively SPeaKinG
    To Create Himself New Now
    However He Chooses to Relate His Story…

    Some Folks Need A Favorite Quarterback
    To Follow And True Some Folks Write,



    And Act
    THEiR Own
    Stories Freely
    in GReaTeST PLAY
    FREEST Without A Care
    NoW of What Target
    Audiences Then With
    BuLLseYeS on Freer Souls
    Have to SquawK oR TweeT Hehe..;)

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  2. I am trying SO hard to control, to write, my own story.

    Life, and ME/CFS, ruined my intended story. I got as far as the PhD in Nuclear Engineering (plasma physics) so I could apply to NASA’s astronaut program – did, and they invited me to Houston for a week’s tryout in 1980. So far so good! I finished the PhD because I KNEW a quitter would have NO chance.

    My right eye wasn’t good enough – they told me. Drat.

    Moved back to the plasma physics, worked at Princeton U.’s Plasma Physics lab for ten years, making good progress in my chosen profession, then got sick – lost it all. It never came back.

    Then I started writing, and it took forever, but the mainstream trilogy got its first volume published in 2015 (after 15 years). The second volume is almost done. 7 more years. I hope the third is finished in fewer.

    But I don’t want the trilogy unfinished – it’s my last chance at a legacy. No one understands what it is to be driven precisely like this – no one in my circle.

    It’s my life. My story. And I will feel I have used a life well IF I can get the rest of this written.

    I need to have SOMETHING for having been the odd one out all my life.

    Or I will have exactly as much to show as someone who attempted NONE of that.

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