Oh my, the ads worked

I’m not a huge football fan. However, I do usually catch the Superbowl. If anything, to catch interesting commercials. We all know the 1984 Apple Ad. We know the Clydesdales. Commercials used to be fun. Lately I’ve been into the actual games themselves. They’ve been close. That is fun. The last few minutes of all these games have been exhilarating.

This Superbowl of the Rams versus the Bengals was another one of those games that came down to the last minute. The commercials were not very interesting. Yet, I actually for the first time actually followed through on an ad I watched. Two of them. I won’t say which ones. I did go to a website and took action. And, I did crave and hunt around my house looking for potato chips. Sadly, I didn’t find any. I truly need to order some chips. The Superbowl made me hungry.

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  1. SMiLes The Bird Coming Out of the
    Alligator’s Mouth Worked on my Wife
    too a Bag of
    Chips at Walmart
    Something About
    Doritos Has A
    Home Now
    On Our
    Table hehe…
    Super Bowl
    Dreams Come True..:)


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