The wrath of Britney Spears

Sometimes things are kept bottled up for too long and too deep into one’s psyche. There are things you are not allowed to say or comment on because of who you are. There are things you have been muzzled on. One of the worst things is when you know someone is adored for all the wrong reasons. Another is when you cannot object because you need to keep quiet.

Britney Spears was kept quiet (more or less) for over 13 years. I’m not too sure whether we will all collectively learn the full story of what occurred to her. But it seems bad. Putting it tritely and mildly. I’d like to think society has progressed in this decade where we don’t stigmatize mental health needs as badly as it was done to Britney Spears. It’s an odd, twisted modern-day Rapunzel story.

Now Britney is free. Fake friends coming out of nowhere. Supposed supporters making empty statements of having bern there for her. Now Britney Spears is free and she is not holding back. She is speaking freely. She is posing freely. She is writing freely. And, many are feeling her wrath. And, that is a good thing. May she find eventual peace so she is no longer hostage to that betrayal.

I welcome your thoughts

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