Life is hard and decent people get that

Nothing pithy today. Nothing magical to share. Nothing fantastic to brag about. Or humblebrag about. Nothing dire to throw out there and examine. Just a few words here and there.

Life is hard. Life is difficult. Life can be tumultuous, unpredictable, and the bad breaks unrelenting. One thing after another causing you to bend and twist in so many directions. One more twist and you might break.

Those who are decent and those who are good will understand and help you unbend. They will prop up a chair or a sideboard to keep you from breaking. Those who are not decent won’t care that life is hard for everyone. They may just care about their situation. Put those people aside. They have their own soul searching to do.

Nothing pithy here. Life is hard. There are some good people with whom to surround yourself. The indecent need not stick around.

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