I’ve already lost track of the days

We are just coming upon two weeks into the new year. Two weeks. It’s still new, fresh, and filled with possibilities. Maybe. Well, yes many possibilities. The problem may be that there are also many uncertainties. Maybe too many. If we were to return to our regularly scheduled programming, we’d be thinking about breaking some new year’s resolutions and all the trips, friends and cheers we’ll have up ahead.

I’ll admit, however, I’ve already lost track of what day it is. It’s just another day in the proverbial asylum. To me this could have been the 3rd day of January or the 26th day of June. Well, I hope not. I would have fast forwarded through some important birthdays. Anyway, I already seem to feel that January is over and here we go again. I say “seem” because I’m not too sure what I’m thinking about all of this. This speed of time. This loss of time.

I seemingly want to reclaim this time I have yet to lose. However, there’s still time to not lose time. I need to get a new planner and plan. I would like to say I’m going to make everyday meaningful. Yet, I’m a very pragmatic realistic optimist. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. Not everyday is going to be meaningful in the sense of being eventful. But I can surely be grateful for all that I have and take a second each day, with a glass of wine in hand, to say thanks to the universe. Even if I have no idea what day it is.

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  1. “Chewin’ on a piece of grass, walkin’ down the road

    Tell me, how long you gonna stay here, Joe?

    Some people say this town don’t look good in snow

    You don’t care, I know

    Ventura Highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine

    You’re gonna go, I know”

    See i Told You Ventura Highway is Coming Back

    And Even Though This May Be A Sad Lament For

    Some There is Always Another Verse to Change the

    Tune to Another

    Day Never


    To Dance And
    Sing Again Newer In Sunshine True..:)


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