What a moron!

This past week we saw Dr Fauci testify several times before congress. Interestingly, he brought “receipts” to the sessions. I’m not going into those receipts and arguments. I’m here to focus on his hot mic comment. Dr. Anthony Fauci lost his temper when Sen. Roger Marshall, accused him of hiding financial disclosure forms required of public officials. Fauci said his financial disclosures have been public for years. The interesting bit is when at the end of the exchange, Fauci can be heard calling Senator Marshall a “moron.” I don’t believe Fauci apologized for said remark.

All I know, is that many of us could probably be caught in such a hot mic moment if we were walking around with recorders capturing every word. I know that I certainly could be caught laughing incredulously at some amazingly ludicrous statements this week.

People who took things way out of contect. And, further, people who purposely distorted words that were said to fit some political, personal agenda. I would have been caught saying something worse than moron. And that can actually end up being liberating.

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  1. Gotta Love the First World
    Problems of The Country
    That Uses Forty Percent

    of Human Resources
    With 4 Percent of the

    Population Yes US

    That Trails Down

    To Trying to Shoot the
    Messengers of Health Science
    Who Are Trying to Actually Save our

    Lives Oh


    Will This
    Word Scrabble
    of 5th Avenue
    Ignorance Finally End

    Hmm Perhaps when
    We Realize We Are
    the Star FLoWeR

    Seeds Who Can’t
    Eat Money As

    Soon As We



    on ‘Soylent Green’
    Holding On To Guns
    With ‘Cold Dead Hands’

    ‘So Let it Be Written So Let
    it Be Done’ ‘They’ Should Have
    Seen How That Worked At ‘The Movies’ At Least…
    And In ‘That Desert’ Where ‘There Are Experiences
    Worse Than Death’

    i Didn’t Fall

    Asleep in


    Movie’ Lord
    Knows Feels
    Senses in me i’m Still Woke HAha..
    And True my Mic is Always Hot On Now..:)

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