Pursuing joy right at the start

Joy. Joy. Joy. I’m determined to find joy. Be joyous. Share joy. I’m determined to cast aside the fogginest and dark clouds that try to sweep down and cage us in. I can’t wait weeks or months.  The pursuit of joy cannot be put on hold.

Today’s joyfull bit is a series of colorful desserts. Despite my lifelong love of sweets (except for chocolate, cakes, licorice, and marzipan) this past year I opted for my savory foods. My cravings for salt, garlic, creole, curries and pizza left me for little room for desserts. For christmas, I ordered tarts and pies and didn’t take a single bite. The horror! The old me (well literally the younger me) would have ordered dessert first, especially if bread pudding was on the menu.

Now, it’s a new dawn. A new year. And, I’m feeling sugar. I’m feeling colorful foods. They embody happiness and joy.

The year of joy. It must be had. It must be pursued. Especially during the Monday blahs. Go be merry.

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  1. Finding The Joy Button

    The Joy Stick of Gaming

    Early Racing Around A Track

    With All the Shiny Screen Colors

    Yet Something

    Was Missing

    After the

    of Dopamine
    And Noradrenaline

    Even Addictive For Some True

    Yet the Warmth of Human Connection

    Missing Having No Idea There Was A

    Name for the Loving Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating Neurohormone Oxytocin

    That Brings

    The Warmth

    to the Party

    From Birth On
    Of Smiles That
    Refuse Neglect or Abuse..:)


  2. Those do look good! Please don’t seek joy too aggressively though, for that is the source of suffering. Happiness is the letting go of the search for happiness 😉
    Wishing you all the best (and lots of joy) for 2022.


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