We’re all bad in someone’s story

Growing up we read fairy tales that had happy endings. However, those happy endings included defeating some kind of villain. We were brought up with the big bad wolf concept. Then we have all these superhero movies that have a grand, larger-than-life villain. We’ve been exposed throughout our lives to these bad people. And, yes there are evil bad people.

While we grew up with all sorts of stories, we also came to realize (or many of us did) that we have our own stories. Our lives are also narrated.

As such, we have our own big bad wolf to highlight. Furthermore, we ourselves may be cast as tbe big bad wolf in someone’s story. Sometimes we are to take that personally and try to address it. Other times, we are just going to be typecast into such a role just because of who we are. Once you come to realize this, your mental health will not be as readily impacted.

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  1. Interesting, we are not in control or able to manipulate much in our world, yet we often end up feeling sad or angry over outcomes, as though we hold responsibility for the process.


  2. Ah YeS in A World Now Globally

    Of So Many Relative Moralities

    Surely The Saint Will Be

    The Sinner

    And The Sinner

    Will Be The Saint

    Depending On If the

    Moon Is Blue or Magic

    In Dreams Not Yet Felt
    Sensed or Met

    In New Colors

    Of Life

    Still To Come

    To Be For Those Unafraid

    to Explore More As i Return
    to Jonathan David Haidt’s

    Exploration of What Makes

    The Difference Between More Open

    Minded Liberal or More Closed Minded

    Conservative Folks A Simple Barometer
    (Reactions to A Public Dancer Work Just As Great, HAha)

    oF A ‘STatue of David’ And Seeing THE ALL Aesthetic

    Gift or Just

    A Much
    Smaller Gift

    In Disgust

    That Still Brings
    Life to Bear And Bare for Real…

    This is Life to Some Michelangelo

    Is A Villain For Sculpting ‘David’ this

    Way to Others He Just A Natural

    Hero Portraying the

    Reality of


    Pictures to Give

    And This Is Life Boats
    Do Need Sails to Explore
    Naked New Seas And Return
    To Clothed Harbors to Escape
    Bad Weather’s of Life True too…

    There Is No Peace Inhaling Now Or
    Love Exhaling Without Understanding

    The Differences

    That Do Still Make
    Us Naked And Clothed

    Enough Whole Humanity Complete

    Yet of Course Open Minded Folks Naturally

    Have the Advantage For This As Life is Not
    Fair Yet Never the LeSS A Work oF Art For A More Perfect Union Indeed..:)


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