That’s right I’m down with GSD

New York City has a new mayor after eight years. And on his first day he rode the subway to work and called 911 on a brawl he witnessed. After his subway adventure he noted to the public that the theme of his first 100 days in office is GSD: Get Stuff Done. For me the “S” means something else. But you get the gist.

As I have noted previously my word for the year is “joy”. And part of that joy will come through struggles and feelings of accomplishment. Those struggles and accomplishments will come from my own version of “GSD”.

I too am going to give myself 100 days into this New Year to get things done. I’ve got a long list already going from tiny things such as scheduling a new dentist appointment to helping my son finalize his high school choice for September. I’ve got my calendar out (I still like wall calendars) and I’m filling it in with things that need to get done. Some things will be contingent on done things outside of my control such as whether we have yet another covid surge. Other things I just need to get past my own mental barriers.

I need to be my own coach but also learn to accept the help of others along the way. That in itself will be an accomplishment. So I tell myself “Mimi, let’s do it! Let’s get stuff done”!

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  1. I will TRY – no guarantees – to finish Netherworld in those 100 days. I’m having not ‘motivation trouble’ but ‘getting started on the details’ trouble.
    And I shouldn’t, because the decisions are all made, and I can’t wait to write them.
    But 2021, and 2022, and I watched Frozen with my daughter yesterday – her in NY and me in CA. Instead of writing. I hadn’t seen it. Kudos to Disney for group watch.


  2. Hehe As Far As CopyRights

    Go Hehe THeRE iS Also


    In Cable

    We Used to Have
    A 10 Foot Satellite

    Dish to Bring in All
    The Free Channels Without

    A Charge Now They Are Much

    For Rural

    to Enjoy for Free too
    Or Still With the Help

    of “Larry The Cable Guy”
    As Really Only The Actors
    Change The Characters Remain

    Anyway The News is About 10 Percent
    on Average Folks Meet Their New Year’s Resolution

    The Better News

    Is You Aren’t

    Average Folks

    So Chances Are You
    Might Just Not Need
    Larry The Cable Guy to
    Come Out And Tune Your TV
    Keeping the Channel You Desire…

    Ah Yes As Freddie Mercury Insists
    In His Great MeSSaGE too “The Show Must Go on!”..:)


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