My wishlist for 2022

There’s no doubt that at the top of anyone’s wishlist for 2022 is that covid goes away. If it doesn’t go away, then we’ll settle for it becoming endemic like the flu. What I want most, which likely mirrors the list of others, is to have a life in which we stop wondering about whether we are going to get sick from living a regular life. Or let me put it this way. I want to go back to living without worrying about masks, vaccines, quarantines and CDC guidelines.

For 2022 there are a number of other items I wish for. I want to finally get my trip to Alaska. That’s top on my list. I must do it this year. I also want to fit snuggly back into my burnt orange dress. Further, I want my son to be happy at his new school as he enters high school. That’s actually more important than my dress. I also wish for a mild winter and to become really good at making yummy, interesting cocktails. I should add that I finally want to make it to Iceland and use my plane tickets that went unused this past summer.

At a societal level, I hope for more mental health resources for a highly traumatized society after two years of a pandemic. I hope we can find a way to help people who are at their breaking point. I also hope that items will be easier to secure with less pressure on the supply chain. This includes everything from test kits, to dolls and trampolines.

On a larger personal level, I wish to find and develop a bright new path filled with possibilities. I’m up for a few adventures. Come on 2022, let’s do it!

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  1. Wishing Upon A Star i Call HoME NoW

    Some Days A Song Applies to All of
    Everyone We May Come to See in Life

    A Distant Rueful Feeling Seeking to Find

    SMiLes PM, All i Wanted For Christmas
    And the New Year Is to Play

    It’s Always An Adventure

    They Never Told me at

    School or Work

    All i Do is Dance
    And Sing Free And the
    Flow Brings the Heaven Now

    Within And the Party is the Fumes
    Some Others Feel From A Party of

    one Little


    me Hehe

    Interestingly As
    Algorithms Bring
    Different Opinions on
    YouTube Sciences And Arts to
    Create A Better Life i Listened

    (Hehe, Ya Don’t Get to Watch When
    Ya Are Driving Just Listen, Just Listen)

    to A Dude Who is Worth 400 MiLLioN
    Dollars Selling Some Kind of Nutritional
    Deal to Lose Weight And His Ultimate Goal

    Is to Create
    A Bigger Better
    Disney World Yes

    He Also Mentioned
    He Only Has Two
    Real Connections of

    FRiEnDS in Life His Wife
    And Sister No Family For Him

    Anyway i Have no Desire for Any
    More Money or Even to Visit Disney
    World as i am Able to Regulate And

    Integrate the Whole Actual Feelings and
    Sensing Experience Within From a Totally

    Free Naked




    Whole Complete
    One With Grains of
    Sand Spiraling Around
    The Sun Below So Above

    As ‘Blake’ Described it this way:

    “To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your
    hand And Eternity in an hour.”

    Actually It’s Just A Description
    For me For How i Feel and

    Sense Reality When i

    Dance And Sing

    So Free in

    Autotelic Flow

    EVeRYWHeRE Every Inhale
    of Peace Exhale of Love Now

    IS A Brand New World And

    A New UNiVeRSE of Moves Dancing Words
    Singing That BREaTHE me NeW So Very Free…

    When We Travel When We Go to New And Exciting

    Places That Stimulate All the Organic Happy Juices of Life

    We Open Up Our Souls to New Environments SPiRiTinG OuR

    HeARTS to

    Fly ‘Thing’

    is It All


    From Within
    Whether We Travel

    Out THere or Travel

    From Within hehe And It’s

    True After All Is Said and Done i’m Just A Cheap Skate…

    With Or Without An Ice Rink i Glide FRiEnDS With Gravity Now

    Bet There Are Plenty of Places to Do that in Your Alaska And
    Iceland Dream too…

    i Guess to Do it

    my Way

    One Just

    Has to

    Have ‘The Nuts’

    Yes The Crazy Enough

    to Do Life Naked Dancing Singing Totally Free

    WHeRE Ever i AM Now Staycation HoMe Adventure New…

    It’s Probably An “Asperger Thingie” too My Sister’s Special

    Interest is ‘Birding’ And She Currently is in the Lead for the “Great
    Bird Year” in our County for E-Bird, Two More Species And She Gets

    The All Time Record in Our County So Far; She Used to Collect

    Thimbles and Matchbox Cars, Mountains of them indeed

    Every Variety on Earth Yet the Photos She takes

    of Birds Are Unmatched for All the Bird

    Art i’ve Seen with Her Camera with

    (Where the Birds Fly In From on my Blog)

    A Lens Yes the Size of A Telescope Haha

    i’ve Had Many Special Interests too i used

    to Know Everything About So Many things

    And With Close to a Photographic Memory
    In Movie Making Ways Every Feeling and

    Sense is Mine

    To Pull Up

    Time out Time

    Forevernow Real…

    My Current Special Interest

    is Heaven Within And For 101

    Months Now Heaven Stays and

    Never Really Goes Away

    There Are So many

    Ways to Do

    Life i Just
    Don’t See

    Many Limits
    At All Anymore
    And i’ve Never Felt
    More Alive and Happy

    Now It’s True Chances are
    i’m at least in the Lead in my
    County For Heaven Within

    And That’s Kinda Sad
    Considering this

    County had
    the Record for
    the Most Churches
    Per Square Mile For it’s
    True When Ya Live WHeRE i Do
    Now Ya Only Wish Others Could Visit…

    i’ve Never Visited A Church Here Where

    Anyone Comes Close to Heaven Now

    It Something You Sense When

    Another Person is in Your

    Presence Oh How


    Yet Allone

    Heaven Really is Yes

    In a Way Heaven is Hell ThiS way

    too Isn’t Life Ironic Indeed Having it
    All Still Having Nothing to Really Share…

    Some Days Now i Come Close Yet Even
    Smallest of Distances Will Be So Painful in

    Heaven True…

    Yet THeRE

    is Really

    No Choice

    Now Yet to
    Stay with
    An Invitation
    to Visit that Never Ends Now…

    Yet It’s True Only ‘They’ Will
    Come to Their ‘Field of Dreams’ For Real Now…

    Still Building Mine That’s An Only Way Ya get to Stay Now…

    It’s So Strange How FRiEnDS Who Insist They Are Close

    To Us May Be the Farthest Away And How Strangers May

    Open up

    The Truest
    Parts of Us

    to Dance And Sing Free

    And This is What i Love

    About Blogging


    Who BRinG

    Out The Best
    in me WHeRE i
    Become A Better FRiEnD to me…

    Ya Have to Be Kinda Gentle With
    Ya Self in Heaven in Deed And Particularly
    Handle People Who Don’t Come Carefully With Love…

    And Indeed


    How Ya Stay..:)


  2. I wish you get your wishes.

    I’m not sure I’m happy with the idea of endemic for covid, though. I have avoided getting it so far, and fear it greatly as something I’m not sure I’d survive. Whatever the end state, we need better than the annual flu shot for a model – I take the flu possibility seriously, but always expect I’d survive.

    Instead, I hope the scientists who have delivered what we have already – a pretty amazing feat – learn more about covid (and long-covid), to protect us all even better.

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