Now the end-of-the year countdown begins

This is it. We are in the homestretch. The last week of the year. We start our end of the year retrospectives. We start our new year’s resolutions. We start thinking about what we should do about spring break, memorial day. Well, actually maybe we are not quite that ready to think so far ahead. I do believe 2021 taught us that hard lesson. Something may seem it’s over but it is not. Round and round we go in this merry-go-round of expectations. Actually, rollercoaster of expectations. We can, however, lament the fact that Wick four isn’t going to be released until 2023. What is up with that?

Whew! This past year was exhausting in that our hopes were played with by the universe. Many of us knew covid would be with us going into 2022. We just wanted to hope it wouldn’t.

In counting down to the end of the year, I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know what to hope for. I can’t hunker down and ride it out. However, I’ve returned to a more cautious outlook.

What gets me is that I don’t know towards what I am counting down. Watching the ball drop is just not that thrilling anymore. However, I have designated joy as my 2022 word of the year and I suppose that is what I am looking forward to. Buckle up and here we go.

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  1. i Love The Art Yes
    The Aesthetics of

    Numbers AS Humans
    Co-Create Symbols to

    Bond and Bind Over in
    Art And Science True Yet

    Other than Deeper Sacred
    And Holy Meanings With

    Purpose in Play;

    Time, Distance,

    Space, And Matter

    of Things Just Really

    Doesn’t Exist For me,

    Almost Like a Metaphor

    Of Quantum Being MaKinG

    The Jump Over the Rainbow

    And Finding Nothing Yet The


    Now True

    Rainbows Arching

    Paths Coloring Heaven

    Now A True Gold Of A
    Process With No Real

    Treasure Anywhere Yet Within
    Rainbows Arching NoW iN Newer Colors We Co-Create
    Moving Connecting All That Humanity Free Loving Jazz..:)


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