I really wanted to like the Matrix Resurrections

I briefly glanced at the Golden Globe nominations list and could maybe pick out five items I had watched this year. I watched Soul. That was good. I do plan to watch Don’t Look Up. It seems a bit far fetch in its cynacism but I will give it a try. Perhaps at 2am in the coming week. I had no clue Ben Affleck was in a movie this year. Go figure. Seems Licorice Pizza, despite an icky sounding food, shows promise as a film. Question is where can I catch it?

One movie I did watch and had looked forward to was Matrix 4- or its actual title Matrix Resurrections. I even prepared by re-watching the trilogy beforehand. And, that may have been problematic. I found the second Matrix movie, after more than 20 years to be cheesy and to showcase very long, unnecessary fight scenes. But I did try to go into the Matrix 4 with open eyes. After 30 minutes that were self-referential and self-deprecating, real parts of the plotline moved along but the freshness of it all was not there. It was a bit stale. It truly is a sad moment when a highly anticipated event somewhat loses its way and relevance.

There were many times where we were not yet sure how the pieces fit together. And, that’s ok. We’re meant to unravel this puzzle alongside Neo who is confused at first as to whether he is suffering a mental breakdown or is being controlled (again) by a systemand its creator. I won’t give away the spoiler of who is the creator. I’ll just say I was not thrilled. Neo is eventually not only able (as expected) to recognize the systems of control that hold him in place bit also dismantle them. He is able to save the love of his life from these systems of control. Matrix Resurrections at the end of the day is a love story all around swimming in nostalgia.

This all sounds good for a large scale sequel. Yet, sadly, I fell asleep part way through and had to re-watch it. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as I’ve rewatched many times the previous trilogy. The problem was that the excitement I had anticipated dissipated. Kind of how one soon felt about the year 2020.

With all this said, watch it. You need to in order to make sure you have closure. For now.

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  1. Yawn, SMiLes Yawn Indeed
    “Matrix 4, Resurrections” First

    Movie For me On Big Screen or
    Small Before Pandemic Days And

    Interestingly, For me the Movie Trailers
    Advertised That provided No Interest at all

    Before The Movie


    My Experience

    Watching the Movie

    That Based on the Trailer

    i Felt i Could Have come Up
    With A Better Story than what i Was Watching

    Yet it’s True it’s Lana’s Story As She Was Grieving

    Her Parents Yes the Director Co-Writer And Co-Producer

    Convinced By Some Others It Was A Worthy Story to Tale
    After Resisting

    Attempts by

    Others to Inspire
    Her to Add Another Return
    to the Matrix After Close to Two Decades Before…

    Honestly to me it Felt too Much Like the Gaslit Reality

    That ‘the Trump World’ Did and Still Tries to Inflict On

    US And The Rest of Humanity And Overall Nature Out of

    Balance too For me it was if the ‘Joker’ Movie Back in Fall
    of 2019 A Pre-Cursor

    For The Fresh

    Hell to come

    Almost As

    If ‘Trump World’
    Inspired Nature



    And Their
    Nature Out of Balance

    Karma is Real Actions
    Make Consequences Real

    Like Gravity Ya Play With it
    in Balance or Ya Fall Ya Fall
    Like Humpty Dumpty And Perhaps
    Ya Put the Pieces Together or Do Not…

    Surely Many Folks Have Felt a Microcosm
    of This Whole Imbalance Lately and the Movie

    Really Hit A Chord For me of Whatcha Gonna Do

    Yet Try to Captcha What’s Left As Human And Paint

    Your Own Sunsets into Colors That Don’t Feel So Much

    As An Other Imposed Gaslit Reality Cliche Ending Yes

    As Love Holds Life Together Never the Less A



    For many
    it Seems today

    For What i actually
    Experience in my Reality

    Where i Paint My Own Wagon
    And Adventure to Color my Rainbow Skies New…

    It’s Hard to Find Someone Else to Do that With

    Chances Are Trinity Was Only Lana’s Alter Ego For Real…

    Lifting Up the PartsThat Couldn’t Feel A Do oF A New Rainbow
    Painted Sky

    For Her

    to Paint

    And Whole
    of Who She
    is God Dam
    The Rest of the
    World to Hell Those

    Dirty Dam Apes as
    (The Mostly Hairless
    Ones in this Case Study)
    Charlton Heston Once
    Related Trying to Hold
    on to His Long Rifle Gun on the
    Beach With the Most Beautiful Woman
    in the World on the Back of His Horse With
    No Attention From Him at All It’s True i Take

    Plenty of
    Pics of

    These Days

    She Get So Much
    Attention She tells
    me Go Play Naked
    At The Beach and Visit now and then.. Haha…

    Yes There is A Metaphor, Two And More of
    A Trinity of one in this one True too ChessHire

    Cat SMiLing…

    ALL 9 DiMeNSioNS
    Still Coming to Play

    NoW For Real hehe..

    As Usual ‘The Cat’ Was
    A Real Star of A Movie..

    And For me It’s Just Another
    Re-Iteration For What ‘the Police’
    Suggest to Do “When the World
    is Running Down You Make the
    Best of What’s Still Around” and

    i’ll Add A Line of A Cliche A Brand New World Now..:)


  2. haha, i’m planning on watching it. I will let you know what I think afterwards. I do not have high expectations so maybe it will be better for me? Although, like you said, just watch it anyways for closure… lol


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