current events

Wish I knew on which track that runaway train was waiting

Two epiphanies falling into the salted tears

Dreams can only carry beyond so many fears

Wish I knew how I got here

Wish I knew why for each step

Wish I knew when none of it would matter

Wish I knew how to hit the eject button

The ghosts are heavy to carry and feed

The ghosts are part of the tragedies

Meanwhile we wait for the miracles

Sure many will exalt the miracles

But the tragedies have their path to haunt

Wish I knew where on which track that runaway train was waiting

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  1. i KNoW NoThing PM,

    i Am Wave

    i Am Water

    i Am Ocean

    i Am Particle

    i Am Wave

    i Am Field i Am
    BeLieve i Am BeLeaf

    i Am BeLove i Am Forrest

    Whole And Sure ‘A Real
    Forrest Gump’ Too Hehe…

    Or So

    i BeLiEVE

    i BeLeaf

    i BeLove i Do…

    me Just Another
    River Flows No Fear Now
    No Banks Will Hold This Will oF Love…

    Repeat This ‘Prayer’ Three Instances

    And Perhaps You Will Click Your Heals

    Dear Alice or Dorothy And Return Home to Y.O.U. too…


    OBTW Merry
    Christmas God Yes

    Happy New Year SMiLes

    NoW And All That Jazz Yes

    Every Day Every NoW iNDeed
    Just LiGHTiNG Newer Colors on LiVinG LoVinG Trees…

    And Thank You For All Your Inspiring Every Day Words..:)

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