My baby doesn’t believe in Santa anymore but it’s a Merry Christmas

My baby is not so much a baby anymore. Although, as I repeatedly tell him, he will always be my baby. He will just have to live with that fact. He’s thirteen going on twenty. Even still he is a sweet baby.

So sweet, that he was willing to pretend that he still believes in Santa Claus 🎅 as he thought that would make me happy. I shook my head and giggled when he admitted this to me. Although 13 years old, he is a child with a heart of gold. I am quite lucky. And that admission of his warmed my heart and was a Christmas gift in of itself.

With the pandemic still impacting our lives, sweet little moments like that take on extra meaning. Such moments are to be treasured. And, when I’m feeling anxious I can just think back to his cute face as he told me his Santa Claus story.

With that I leave you to spend time with family. May this holiday season bring you all joy.

Here’s to what little gifts surround us everyday.

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  1. SMiles Humans Yes
    Naturally Story Talers
    Yet Love Exists In
    Eyes Lips And
    Hips in Dance
    And Song
    A First
    Written Word
    In Every Wag
    Of Dog Tails True
    Too Indeed Dog
    Wags Tail of
    First True
    Too And A
    Child Babbling
    Non-Sense Songs
    And Dancing With
    No Instruction Is Yes
    Indeed An Unadulterated
    Of Love
    Real Needing
    No Santa Or Other
    Myths Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
    oF LiGHT Thru DarK
    The Night
    Merry The
    Day Lovemas
    Longest HoLiDaY
    Real BeLiEVE BeLeaf BeLoVE
    LiVinG Tree Spread Forest Leaf
    Forest Indeed For
    All As Green Rises More🎄
    And SPeaKinG of A “Green
    Pill” ThiS Way i Didn’t Make
    The Movie Matrix Resurrections
    On Christmas Eve So Day Will
    FoR Me
    It Seems
    With SMiles 🎄
    Merry Lovemas
    To All You Hold Dear 🌳😊


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