What you want to see

The mirror never lies but it can be warped. The mirror can scream the truth but it can be ignored. The mirror can be negotiated with. There can be reprieves. There are talks to be had. What you want to see is what you get. It can help ease the mind. It can be a foolhardy journey. What you want to see can push your hand or blind you to all. You can see the trees. You can see the forest. You can see the big picture. You can see just the details. What you want to see can be streamlined. What you want to see can be expanded. See what you want. See what you need. Don’t shield your eyes. Flip the shades.

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  1. SMiLes PM, i Wanna See the ‘Matrix

    Movie’ Today in A Way Its Looking

    iN A MaGiC Mirror Too

    Yes LooKinG Deep

    Within Finding

    All the Gifts

    of Our Inheritance

    Our Ancestry At Our
    Very Finger Tips In Other
    Words The Gift of Unpacking
    Epigenetic Potential With Enough
    Struggle to Make Change Real For
    Positive Adapting to the DarK oF

    Live Transforming
    Our Selves NoW into

    A Much Newer Enigma

    Mirror Creation indeed

    So What’s Possible is the Sky
    The Limit or The Ground or Is

    Above Below And All Around

    Within Inside Outside



    SaMe Distance

    B A L A N C in G

    Center Point FRiEnDS NoW
    With Gravity For All that Exists

    Shall i Try the Blue Pill or Red

    Hell No i’ve Already Tried

    iT i’ll Grow My Own

    Life With

    The Green Pill
    i Create And Skip

    Right Left Over the

    Left and Right Hemispheres

    of Mind in Union of one Believe

    one BeLeaf one BeLove One Living

    Tree To Spread My Leaf to Forest Whole
    Ocean Water Wave SaMe Indeed Just

    So Many Trinities Particle Wave

    Field True too

    Like my



    And All of Existence True
    Merry Eve of Eternal Loving LiFE iNDeeD
    Dreams Come to Fruition We Do Create New

    As Mirror Changes Our Creation Now For Real…

    PS: Gotta Proof-Read And Add the Multi-Media
    to A 57,710 Word Long Form Poem MacroVerse

    Celebrating 10,000,000 Words of EPiC LonG Form
    Poem Longest “SonG of mY SouL” to Make the 12:15 PM

    SHoWinG of the “Matrix Resurrections” First Movie of Any

    Movie i Will See Since Before Pandemic Days Came

    If i Don’t Make it on Christmas Eve

    THere is Always


    Day Still to Come
    NoW ALLwayS A Trinity
    of Plans A, B, C i Do Hehe..;)


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