Is it cancelled yet?

Before Covid hit us, many would go around saying Christmas was bring attacked and on the verge pf being cancelled. That it needed saving. I won’t enter that debate. The irony is that a pandemic in 2020 indeed ended up canceling Christmas for many.  Actually, more things than that ended up being cancelled.  For me Christmas was not cancelled. But I digress just a little.

The word of the year is “vaccine”. And, in this month some may argue its “omicron” or “surge”. Or perhaps because of all the uncertainty that currently exists there’s a new phrase of the month “is it cancelled?” I have found myself asking that phrase repeatedly? Or sometimes “should we cancel” x, y, or z plans? We had been in a phase where we previously asked “is it back” but look how quickly things turn.

Things can change quickly. I think that’s a major lesson for the year. We have to not stay stuck in these times of uncertainty and must learn to sway with the wind.

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  1. Well You Know Dear PM

    The Grinch Tried to Cancel Christmas

    According to A Fairy Tale At Least Hehe

    So Perhaps there is a Chance That Joe Munchkin

    Will Not Fly Back as A Monkey to Kiss the Butt of

    The Wicked Witch of the West too Yet It’s True

    With or Without


    Even With

    The Grinch And
    Associated Comrades

    True the Kids in Whoville
    In Virginia Could Sure Use

    Some Fresh Clothes in those
    Mountain Cabins for the New Year too…

    Yawn No One is Gonna Cancel Christmas

    For me As my Tree Stay Up Year Round With

    More Colors Than Ever Before New too As Yes
    i Am Currently Starting A “Grand Cross Bible 2021”

    Yes It’s Just A Metaphor As “In the Beginning” When
    Most Folks Were

    Illiterate Books Were

    Held in High Reverence

    When All Books Were

    Termed Bibles then
    in Some Locations
    of This Big Blue Green
    And Brown Orb As Such
    We Spiral Around in Galaxies
    On Just Orbiting A Healthy Star Still…
    Hehe, Yet of Course All of Nature Real
    Moves Even When We Sit Still and Slow
    Twitch Muscles Are Constantly Firing to
    Keep us Sitting Up Straight in Balance

    It’s Worth Noting that is a Rather
    Ergonomic Injury Potential thing
    To Do As Those Tiny Movements
    Are Repetitive Indeed So Yes As

    That Principle Applies to All Stuff
    Existence Within, Inside, Outside,

    Above, So Below And All Around

    The Rule of Nature is Balance For Change

    So in This Way in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,
    2020, And Now 2021 God Yes i Dance And

    Sing A New “Grand Cross Bible” Every Year
    For Six As A Tradition of Change in Balance

    Too, Yes From Memorial Day Through New Year’s
    Eve For 7 Months Out of Each Year Now Through
    All those Years i Write A “Grand Cross Bible” Greater
    in Size than the ‘King James’ Effort Always Changing Always

    Evolving Just Like

    my Soul SPiRiTinG
    HeART Free Now As

    It’s True Whatever Stagnates

    in Life Moves into Imbalance and

    Causes Problems With Our Health
    And Well Being and May Harm the Balance

    of the Rest of Nature Adapting to Constant Change Now True…

    In This Way Every Christmas Bible of my Life is Always Different Now

    In Fact For Us All, Truly Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love or Less in

    Life is A New UniVeRSE

    A New Testament

    to Adapt

    And Change

    And Evolve Greater to

    Light Up New Colors of
    All Our Christmas Trees

    Or Not Or Not Or Not

    As Some Folks

    Are Rather

    Averse to

    Change Yet It’s True too
    Boats Need Sails to Explore
    New Seas for Subsistence With
    Fair Winds and Following Seas Ahead

    Yet Storms Do Come So Boats do Need

    Anchors In Old Harbors to Stay Afloat And True too

    Humans Do Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols

    And Ideologies too As Tradition Does Naturally Exclude

    Others Who Don’t Play By Those Rules and Stay on the
    Same Sheet of Choir Music in Church Now True too Yet

    It is Also Possible to Write Our New Testaments And

    New Bibles, Direct And Produce Our Evolving Soul

    Play of Life And Still Visit The Traditions And

    Sort of Be A Visitor Like the Reformed

    Grinch And Even Perhaps

    Play Their Reindeer

    Games Enough

    Not to Get

    Exposed With

    Our Red Noses GLoWinG

    HAha So What’s the Meaning

    And Purpose of All of These Words

    Just Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

    May All You Love Prosper And Thrive With Their
    Relative Free Will in Tow Or Airing Out New Sails of Adventure mY FRiEnD…

    Anyway i Still Have “SonG oF mY SoUL 10 MiLLioN WordS Old” To Put Together

    As That Longest EPiC Long Form Bible Poem Holds This 11th Titled Subchapter

    Long Form Bible Larger Than the Old King James Size Effort in 100 Months too

    As True All Those Words in 100 Months in Free Verse Spirited Play is Indeed

    More Than 12 Times Greater in Size than That Old King James Size

    Effort unlike ‘The Book of Eli’ Dear Movie Buff, i Didn’t Go

    The Route of Copy Cat Like ‘Denzel Washington’

    Playing the Part of ‘Eli’ on that Movie
    Then It’s True i Continue the

    Race With my Best

    Life Only Now

    And Like My Mother’s

    ‘Prophecy’ in A Letter We

    Found In Her Home After

    She Passed Away in ’17 That She

    Never Sent to me Post Marked Dated

    By Her on my 33rd Birthday in 1993, As

    She Said After My Life Is Over

    A Grand Story it Will Tell Yet

    Of Course, i Suppose It’s Poetic

    Justice As When i Was 33, i Didn’t

    Have Much of A Creative
    Bone in my Soul It’s True

    That Didn’t Come Until

    Blooming Much Later

    At Age 53 And the Next

    10 MiLLioN Words Yes

    Funny Now How Life





    Souls Grow Evolving

    Yet i Love Old Traditions too…
    Yes i Used to Be A Very Black
    And Thinker Then Who Had so
    Much Trouble Bending to What
    i Didn’t Agree with; Hehe Now i Change

    All the Metaphors to Love And it Mostly All

    Works Out DarK Thru LiGHT True That’s Colorful

    Feeling Sensing Almost Wearing Shades That Are
    Rose Colored HAha…

    With No Know…



    With SMiLes

    “Life MovesPretty Fast”

    We Gotta Make it the
    Best Party We Can Loving Will At
    Least According to “Ferris Bueller’s”

    Religion and Basically In A Way Mine too
    With the Focus of “Forrest Gump” For No
    Particularly Reason Except For Feeling Like
    Dancing More Than Half the Distance around the
    Globe too for Close to 16,000 Miles in 100 Months…

    Yet Without Any Real Worries Like ‘The Dude’ off “The
    “Big Lebowski” Movie too And When it Comes to ‘Terminators’

    i Refuse to Be A Machine Doing the SaMe Old SaMe Old ‘Thing’

    Yet an “Avatar” i Will Be Squeezing All 242 Pounds in this Fiber Optic

    Cable Close to The Speed oF LiGHT And LoVE Even Faster Than

    Dancing Around the Equator Distance of the World hAha.. And

    As Far As “Neo” Goes i do the Green Pill And “Whitman”

    As “Leaves of Grass” Fed By Leaves of Living Tree me

    Feeding Both Trees of Forests Whole And New

    Sapling Green Trees RiSinG Out of

    Holy Falling Leaves iN



    Green Sprouting Soils
    Through All Winter Snows
    And Spring NoW on Christmas
    Day in the Panhandle of Florida True too

    As Summer FLoWeRS Still Remain Here

    in My Own Garden of Eden Staycationing Eternally Now

    Gratitude Yes it is Why i Never Stop Doing Newer Testaments of Breath Now..:)


  2. For me, I stay in proximity to body and breath as much as I can, interacting with what’s directly in front of me. So much is not under my control and learning to ride with the wobbles gracefully has become the new norm.


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