Raya: Can’t trust anyone until you try

Eventually the movie Raya gets to a goid mental health space. However, throughout the movie you are constantly clobbered over the head with the phrase that “you can’t trust anyone.” Everyone is capable of lying and seems to do so. Raya- the protagonist in a mystical world of dragons- is repeatedly betrayed. While the animation is beautiful, with so much mistrust, the movie comes off a bit too heavy on the doom and gloom. This is reversed entirely, of course, at the end of the movie. In this way, you built up a grand wish for them all to come to see the good in one another so that they can save the world together.

As you watch such a movie, you can’t help but think of the times you have been lied to and how a bucket of mistrust builds up within you. It becomes easy to expect lies and betrayal but that makes life hard to navigate. You can go by the mantra trust but vetify and it creates some ease and space. Or as this movie statrd, sometimes you have to make the first move to trust even when you are not sure you are ready to do so. That can end up being high risk and great failure. It can also end up being high risk and great reward. ‘Tis the season of giving. Maybe one can try.

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    Learn From The Sun It Gets Knocked Down
    Every Year Day And Night And Always
    Returns Marry The Night Merry The Day
    Trust or the Lack Thereof Dear PM
    Perhaps A Greatest Roadblock to
    Anyone Making a #Play2022 New Year’s
    Resolution So Where Does Trust Start FoR Me
    At Least Naked Enough Whole Complete First
    A Practice of Life
    That Modern
    Culture of
    Grabbing And Owning
    Things Externally Surely
    Doesn’t Foster Among Quiet Hands
    And Feet of Children Moving Through
    Church And School And How That Holds
    Hands So Silently With State And The Affairs
    of Our Country These Days Holding On to Any
    Semblance With A Thread or Falling the Same Way
    For Instance John McCain A Man A Real Hero Who
    Endured So
    Many Years
    As A Prisoner
    of War Protecting
    Those He Led From
    Additional Harm And His
    Decision While Slowly Dying
    To Buck the System of Power
    Status Seeking Material Gains Over
    The Natural Social Animal Direction
    of Putting People And Their Basic Needs
    of Survival And Thriving First So John McCain
    In this Instance of What May Described As a Truly
    Real Man Saved Health Care for Millions of Folks Standing
    Against the Fire of the Dragon That Already Provided 1.4 Trillion
    Dollars for Corporate Welfare During the Tenure of the Evil that
    Shall Not Be Named at Least in this Essay on DarK And LiGHT
    And Trust And Play on this Shortest Day And Longest Night
    of the Year True We May Have to Be Patient For Three Days
    And Even Very Very Anxious in Centuries Past And
    More When the Sun Idled At the Horizon
    3 Days After The Shortest Day of
    The Year on the Promise
    To Return To A New
    Year oF LiGHT
    Again No Different
    Really Than Night Makes Day
    And Day Makes Night And Speaking
    of the DarK the Pendulum Now Sways
    The Other Way in Shortest Days of DarK
    Among the Democratic Part Regime That
    Sprinkles Pepper in With the Salt of the Earth
    As Joseph Manchin III Drives Away in His Maserati
    After Blaming His Decision Not to Provide Tax Credits
    For Children on Addicts in His Poorest State of Virginia
    in the United States As Far As Children With Needs Who
    Do Need that Child Tax Credit the Most in the United States Now
    A Grave Day
    of What
    Will Not Be
    Spelled As Trust
    iN A Human Condition
    That When Not in Balance
    Becomes A Villain Instead of A Real
    Hero Leaving the Most Vulnerable Behind to Stay
    So How is Generation X the Future Responding to Their
    Wise Elders Like This In Charge of Our Government
    With Memes Like “BIRDS AREN’T REAL” SO TIRED
    (Parody of Deep State Government Feathered Drones)
    Yes, Man’s Best Friend is More For Giving
    Prized in Thanks Giving For Giving This Way
    Yet Back to the First Prize of Naked Enough
    Whole Complete This Much We Will Do With
    Practices in Life that Work That Do Make it so
    Much Easier
    to Both
    And Have
    Thanks Giving
    Everyday Now For this Gift
    of Life Present Now Indeed the
    Sun Returns in Human Form Now
    And Essence This True in Trust As Well…
    And Joe Munchkin the Flying Monkey
    Returns in His Maserati Back to the
    of the
    Witch of the
    West However
    It’s Worth Noting
    ‘He’ Will Melt With
    Enough Water of Love
    Sprinkled Upon ‘His’ Fiery Head..
    This Next Part Uses Invisible Ink
    Again As i Continue to Dance Sing Returning
    Naked Enough Whole Complete as “The” (A) ‘Anti-TRumP’..;)


  2. *Oops, Oops, Typo…
    Generation Z Hehe…
    And Perhaps
    X Too
    With SMiLes…
    And Some
    Y Sprinkled in
    Let’s Hope too in The Middle
    NoW iN Millennial Style As Well…
    Sadly i’ll Leave The Boomers Out
    Most of Them At Least too HAha..;)


  3. basically the entire movie is correct you can not trust anyone and it ends that way as well, ALL Trust is broken with no redemption! its the same in real life. you literally can not trust anyone everyone is out for them selves! it seem to be the human condition! and more people now are going with not giving a f**K and feeling better as they wont let people get to them but this is how it always is! even down to the last scene you have a gas lighting, selfish, backstabbing character who try’s to blame Raya and like all gas lighter says “I never meant for this to happen” Like all who follow this path say the same thing when the crap hits the fan ” well your honour I never meant for this to happen” and like most gas lighting we foolishly believe it and many people get away with it!


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