Grief never goes away fully

This had been a day full of excitement. They packed a number of activities into the day to keep themselves busy. And, now they were at the pub that she would have loved to have gone to. It was fun and a wine cellar to rejoice.

Today had been a day of homage, of sorts. It made five years today since she departed. But it was still raw. Grief never goes away fully. This was their way of turning grief into action and filling their life (for the day) with pure joy. They were being purposeful and directive with their grief. Today they would laugh with her. Tomorrow, while sad, will be a little less sharp.

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  1. GRiEF Creates
    Art Now That Never

    Exists Before God Yes

    Grief Raises Dopamine
    Levels to Inspire Us to

    Meet And Greet New

    Human Connections

    to Re-Establish

    the Warmth

    of Oxytocin

    Connections Within to
    Give Share Care So Freely

    RiSinG Up The Serotonin Now

    oF A Naked Enough Whole No Fear

    Complete Dance of Life Again Yet

    Of Course


    If We Dance
    And Sing Nature’s
    Gifts ThiS Way For PreSeNT Change…

    Yes, So Very Much, i Still Treasure the
    Gift of My Mother’s Unconditional LoVE iN

    mY Every Breath A True Alchemy of DarK BRings LiGHT..:)


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