Some words I wish to no longer hear

I picked my word for next year. Joy! I’m bringing it back. I hope it becomes all the rage. Now, while I have a wonderful, positive word there are some words I am done with. Some I can share with you. Some, I cannot. Wish I could. But I would be courting trouble. Although, trouble can be fun. But whenever you look for trouble it finds you. And, not in the way you want.

But back to my list of bad words. Yes, bad words. Who of us wants to hear the word covid again? No one. I’m done with that word. However, it seems it’s not done with us. Sigh. I’m done with “vaccine”, “mandates”, “delta”, January 6th, tesla, bezos, and so forth. I can barely stomach newscasts anymore. I get we need to talk about many of these things. I’m in healthcare. I just want normalcy again. That just doesn’t seem to want to happen. A new normal is what everyone says. Sigh. Can we get rid of that phrase as well?

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  1. Oh No! The Word of 2020 That Must Not
    Be Spoken Again The Unreformed Grinch
    That Not Even Little Dogs Seem to Be Able
    To Save Slithering Up The Mountain Gold Big Top
    With All the Gifts of Love Stolen Away
    Oh Lord Isn’t Life Strange
    my Way Station
    Blogging Place
    Training Each Morning
    To New York, New York
    i’ll Just Call Ya PM For Now
    As Your Full First Name is so
    Biblical Sounding Indeed Anyway
    Speaking of That Visiting The ‘Wrong Planet’
    One of Modern Forrest Gump’s Subway Stops on
    The Way to Loving Work What is Not Common
    Yet Rare and Very Interesting Feedback From the
    Place i Add A 1.2 MiLLioN+ Word Metaphor of An
    “8th New Testament,” “Depth of The Story” As Let’s Face
    it Whether We
    Like it or not
    Whether it is
    Inhale of Peace
    Exhale of Love or
    Some Lesser Experience
    of Existence Than Peace and Love
    Every New Breath is A New Testament
    of Life Every New Now All Is Change
    Yet True Some Things Seem to
    Stay Similar in Human
    Archetypes too
    Like Only
    The Actors Change
    And The Characters Stay
    The Same Dear Movie Buff FRiEnD
    ReMeMBeRinG i See Everyone as
    FRiEnD my Autistic Savant Skill From
    Birth So Very
    Strange Like
    Rudolph the
    Red Nose Reindeer
    And Frosty the Snow
    Man Fairy Tale Savant
    of Love For Real With SMiLes
    At Least That’s the Forrest Gump
    New Feedback i Get in Some Areas
    of LoVE iN the World With SMiLes Now…
    Anyway i Love Neurodiverse Folks the More
    Different the More DeLiGHTFuL to Me to Learn
    Something Odd, Strange, And in Synchronicity
    Just Pure MaGiC in Both LiGHT And DarK Synchronicity
    too Like When All the Scrabble Words Spell Death, Destruction,
    And Demise And Dead End Signs on Roads Deliver Darkest Destinies oF All…
    Yuck Even
    When You
    Open Up
    A Bible All the
    DarK Verses You
    Turn to Seem Directed
    Directly At You Sure Confirmation
    Bias too As DarK Does Seem to Attract DarK
    Anyway SPeaKinG Again of DarK Through LiGHT
    On or About “December 7th”, A Very NeuroDiverse Human
    With ‘The Fonz’ As an Avatar on the “Wrong Planet” Perhaps
    A Sign of “Happy Days” Still to Come Yes i Will Believe That too
    Shared The Gematria Values From A Calculator online that
    Adds The Alpha Numerical Values of Phrases All Up
    Automatically And the Curious Dude i Tend to
    Be i Put in “Katie Mia Frederick” in the
    ‘English Gematria Version’ that
    Multiplies All the Alpha
    Numerical Values
    By 6 For Example
    A the First Letter of the
    Alphabet Comes to A Value
    of 1 x 6 Equals 6 So The
    Alpha Numerical Values
    In English Gematria of “Katie
    Mia Frederick” Came Out to Be
    ‘888’ Which i Thought Was A Much
    Better ‘Omen’ that Being Born on 6660
    Even Though the Online “Numerology Calculator”
    With my Real Born on Given Name And Birth Date
    Gives me Life Challenges of 0 For Birth Which Means
    Free Will to Do Nothing or Everything in Life and the
    Number 1 for the Next 3 Challenges of Life That Only
    Means One Need Affirm What They Wanna Do in Life
    Kinda Sweet
    it Seems
    For A Numerology
    Challenge Result Yes
    However oh my Goodness
    The Responsibilities With
    A Gift Like That Now From
    Birth Do Indeed Come too
    Shall Ya Put it off like the
    Senior Quote of my Father till the
    Next Day Or Shall ya Do What No
    Man has Done Before Through that
    Senior Quote of my Uncle Ted, My Father’s
    Identical Twin Who Quoted ‘MacBeth’ Instead
    Of Putting
    Off Doing it
    All Tomorrow
    WeLL It’s True i Didn’t
    Start Being Very Creative
    Until 53, Oh by the Way,
    Today is the 100 Month
    Anniversary Date of my
    Longest EPiC Long Form
    Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    (December 18, 2021 Now)
    All 10 MiLLioN Words Plus
    These Words You So Kindly
    Allow in This Free Rental Space
    (Along With 15,866 Miles of Public Dance)
    On your Blog Home in New York, New York,
    Where Not Unlike Us Down Here in Florida
    Y’all Have Been Having Record Warm Temperatures
    While my Sweet Indian Friend in Toronto is Braving
    it Solo as A Nomad Corporate Executive Using Her
    Laptop to Make 6 Figures Annually in A Room in A Home
    For Rent Where The Wind Chill is Currently 7 Below Zero
    Just A Bit Northwest
    of You in
    SnowLand Now
    Anyway Aghast Back
    To the ULTiMaTE Force
    of DarK in Phrases of 2020
    For the Phrase That Must Be Left
    Unnamed to my Greatest Chagrin
    And Mystery Uncoverings too Not
    Only Was “December 7th” Yes the
    Actual Day i Looked Up the Gematria
    English Value of 888 For “Katie Mia Frederick’
    The Actual Number One Search for Phrases on
    That Online Calculator Yes to my Greatest Chagrin
    Hoping to Be in Best Company With that English
    Gematria Numerical Value OH GOD NO ON THE
    For What Some Folks
    Miss is the DarK
    iS HeaR
    To Wake
    Up thE LiGHT
    to See Born Again
    Even those Who We Feel
    Are Our Greatest Enemies
    May Be the Ones Who Eventually
    Motivate the Other Side to Vote for
    Universal Health Care and the Such
    Yes the “George W Bush” Effect too
    For “Obamacare” Keep the Devil You Know
    Close Or Another
    One Even
    More Challenging
    May Come to Wake
    Up the LioN oF LoVe
    My ‘Job’ is Easy All i Have
    To Do is Watch and Tale the Story
    Anyway Just So You Will Not Think
    i Am Pulling Your Leg Here is the Actual
    Link And This Whole Story Was (Is) Documented
    in Real Time on the “Depth of The Story”
    That is the Number One Search
    Engine Result on Google
    With Quotes Although
    You may Also
    Find it Down
    on the List on The
    First Page of Google Searches
    Without Quotes As Well Amusingly
    to me The Folks On the Wrong Planet
    As Late As Last Week Have Insisted
    That i Write like i am Tied Down in an
    Institution As Such and Whitman Would
    Die of Starvation if We Wrote Free Verse
    Long Long Longer Longest Like me Hehe…
    Never the Less As the Administrator
    Confirms Only the Registered
    Members Views count
    on the Website
    View Count
    And Today
    It Just So Happens
    That “8th New Testament”
    All 1.2 MiLLioN+ Words
    Gathers 77,000 Views
    From the Folks Who Told
    Me Basically You S88K Get
    the Hell Out of Here Yet You
    See that is Why i Came Back
    to Bring a bit of My Heaven as Gift
    In Just Another 16 Month Side Show of
    Free Verse Poetry From the Heaven Place i LiVE For Real Now…
    As ‘They’ Dance Sing (me) Reality is Much More Amazing (Fun)
    Than Fiction


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