Deflated shopping creativity

I am a bit bummed out. I love the holiday season. I get to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. I get to gift people things that I feel suit them. I think through my gifting. I search high and low to match gifts. I take great pleasure in being thoughtful.

This year, I unfortunately feel that my gifting abilities have been zapped away. I’m having a hard time connecting and searching. Online shopping is not as much fun as it used to be. In-store shopping is a bit tedious. I hate long lines. Stores, just like every other sector, are understaffed.

I’m hoping that in one of my lucid dreams, I get a sprinkling of creative gifting energy. I hope I get insights into what I’m to pass onto others.

I know I told my son, I would love for him to just give me one of his drawings. He got excited about that and got to it. Although, I believe he got distracted by xbox gaming. However, the point was that I said all I wanted was something that came to him through his heart, hands or eyes.

Now, I have to find that same inspiration.

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  1. A handy gift is a ‘kit’ – ‘just add eggs, vanilla, and butter’ – of everything needed for brownies, cookies, or a cake. Kids can put this kit together – if you want something tangible and with bulk.

    Consumables are good.


  2. I’ve had this same issue and I’m trying to be completely over the thought that I must buy gifts for everyone. I did manage to find the perfect gift for a friend who was not necessarily expecting a gift and it felt wonderful to know how much she loved it. But the searching part has been difficult these last two years. Looks like it’ll be e-gift cards for the kids in the family, yet again. They never complain. They’re thrilled so why do I dwell on this??


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