The Friday Blahs

We have all heard, in some way, about the Monday blahs. There are songs about hating Mondays or about Mondays being manic. Mondays can make or break a week. They set the tone. In that same vein, we supposedly collectively look forward to Fridays. The end of the work week. For many, it represents payday. What can be bad about Fridays?

Lately, Fridays have become stale. They come and go. You may experience a moment of relief at 9am and 5pm. However, you may find yourself dragging throughout the day. And, when asked about special weekend plans, there’s not much to answer.

For some of us, Friday doesn’t readily signal the end of the work week. There’s work hangover. Yes, there is. We still have drips and drabs to adress throughout the weekend. People tell me to shut off my work phone. However, it is not that simple. Doesn’t matter. I digress a little. Fridays are no longer the reprieve they once represented. Especially, during covid pandemic. You get to Friday and think “now what?”

Friday is a day where you come home or move to the couch (if you work from home) and watch mindless television and then wake up Monday morning.

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  1. It has been a couple of decades since I worked a job where weekends weren’t included as part of the work week. I got two random days off a week, often not consecutive.

    Now that I am retired, weekends are still no different from any other day. Every day used to be a day I probably (71.45% probability) had to work. Now every day is a day I don’t go to work.


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