Not being allowed to be done

I have a fun red sweatshirt that I like to wear to just rattle people. The sweatshirt says “done”. I bought this many years ago when I lived in Los Angeles. When you wear the shirt, most people are thrown by it. They wonder what you are “done” about. It could very well be that I accomplished and a grand feat and project. Or could also mean that I’m done with the situation.

I think everyone should have a “done” shirt. You can sit around in it and when needed just point to the words on the shirt. I’ve tried that a couple of times in jest. Sometimes it helps bring moments of levity. There are other times when it is meant in a real way. However, sadly for me, there are times when I’m just not allowed to be done. Can have the word “done” flashing wildly yet the handcuffs are tightly fitted. Even a saw can’t cut through. You feel stuck and desperately gnaw at your wrists to be able to move on and be done.

Gnaw. Bite. Cut. Still stuck. Yet, still done. Quite a quandary.

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  1. Yes Quandary

    Of Doneness

    No Different





    Wash Rinse

    And Dry The Cycle

    Of Work A Day Never

    Ends Until the DeLiGHT

    of Oneness When You (me)

    Or We As it Were Becomes

    Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer,


    Of Our

    Own ‘TRuMaN

    SHoW’ And Then

    ReAlly The Joke’s ALL

    On ‘Them’ And It’s Funny

    If They Finally Figure Out The Riddler Of Life

    Could/WiLL iT All Be As Simple As Breathing Inhaling
    Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN Joy DePEnDS On Who Ya Do…

    Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Naked Enough
    Whole Complete Giving, Sharing, Caring

    Freely With Least

    Harm For All


    ‘Them or You too…

    Anyway i Really Feel

    Ya on the Doneness Now..:)


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