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Still dreaming of Alaska

I love ttqvel. I love immersinh myself within new norms. I love eating new foods. Travel is learning, catharsis and a precious gift. Not everyone can do it or do it often. Which is why certain television shows are so important. I was rewatching one of Anthony Bourdain’s episodes on CNN (that in itself will be its own post) and I was re-inspired to redo my travel lists and goals. Two years in a pandemic really hindered my travel plans and dreams.

As I stared at my yellow pad with blue-ink pen in hand, I remembered my one final state left before I can brag of being in all 50 states of the US. And, by that I mean spending quality time and not jusy driving through. I just have Alaska left. I need to do it.

I feel that I cannot wait until summer comes back around. I want to go now. Actually, I want to go deep in the heart of winter. I want try to to catch the aurora borealis from there. I want to sled. I want to be very, very cold because I hate the cold. I hive in the cold. When I traveled to Berlin for Christmas one year, I thought I was going to get frostbite I was so cold. Alaska would be way colder and I can then really complain of the cold. That would be an amazing experience in my book.

Here I watching the news of yet another Covid variant and new travel restrictions taking effect in different parts of the world. This is why Alaska is so key to my life of dreams. I can make it there. Just got to get the time and about 100 thick socks to wear. Got to keep dreaming and seeing those dreams through.

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