Anesthetized beating heart

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Pitter patter

Inhale, exhale

The earth is turning, tilted at a high speed

Mind racing

Eyes darting

Heart pounding

Yet, it’s all numb

Not a single feeling

Emotion long gone

Anesthetized beating heart in icy veins

Nothing matters

For none of it is real

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  1. It’s So Very True How We May

    Come to Understand When

    The HeART Goes Numb

    When the SPiRiT

    No Longer



    Our SoUL

    Grows Dead

    What It Means
    To Even Live at

    All When Nothing

    Really Matters At All

    In A World Dead So Plastic

    And Numb Nothing Really Matters

    At All Yet It is True Love Is All We Need

    Everything We Give Or Do Not Returns

    To Sunshine

    Or New



    All to Please

    to Warm A THaWeD

    Place ReNeWinG Spring

    Colors of FLoWeRS More Now

    Summer Breathing Fall Leaves

    Fertilizing Winter Sprouts Spring

    TEars of EYes Yes Colors Return

    Sunset Ever More Beautiful

    In Newer Pastel Colors

    Never Noticed

    Before As Paint

    Becomes The Flame

    Within We Color Same

    Entirely New Coming Out

    of Life’s Cave Dungeon ReLEaSinG NoW

    WHere Again Everything All Matters Beauty



    BReATHeS AGAiN..:)


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