If you’re afraid to use your voice, give up your seat at the table

I’ve been in healthcare for over 15 years in one way or another. Actually, if I think about it maybe closer to two decades. I’ve seen a lot of changes. One constant has been the need for to have to speak up on behalf of others who need the help. Advocacy and standing up for what is right got baked into my day-to-day work.

I have often found myself saying at an organizational level “if you are not at the table, you are part of the menu”. It’s true not only for organizations but for everyday personal life as well.

Just yesterday, I came across this quote from Michelle Obama that rung even more true to me: “If you’re afraid to use your voice, give up your seat at the table.” She said this statement in a CNBC interview about women in the workplace. I admittedly haven’t seen the interview. I’ve just seen this quote. Here’s the deal for me. Once you get that seat at the table you must speak up. Otherwise, you are cheating yourself of an empowering experience. You are cheating yourself of the ability to formulate and express thoughts and opinions to someone other than yourself. And, that skillset translates into other parts of your life.

Once at the table you can’t live in the shadows.

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  1. SMiles My Air Force
    Psychiatrist Way
    Back in 2008
    Before Social
    Media Really Inundated
    The World With Likes
    And Shares And Few
    Original Words If

    Any Shared
    Verbally For
    More Than
    About 3 Seconds
    The Average Attention
    Span Science Literally
    Assesses Human With
    Now Yes Less Than A

    Goldfish Yes
    He Mused Then
    From His Practice
    Then With The Military
    And General Practice

    Will Humans
    Lose Their

    To Speak

    i Sure Did
    Yet Not Since
    i Became Human

    Lose it
    Or Lose It
    Matters In All

    Stuff Life And If
    We Can’t See This
    Is Part of The Reason

    We Can’t Vaccinate
    So Many Folks Or
    That We Really

    Face Another


    And The Real
    Specter Of Losing
    Our Democracy We’ve

    To Pay Attention

    To What Even Counts
    In Life Each Other



    Yet Of Course it’s
    What Happens
    To Social


    Who Take
    So Much

    More Than
    They Give…

    They Exhaust
    Every Resource

    And Eventually Go Away

    Humans Aren’t Immune



    Obviously 🙄

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  2. This is true in principle, but difficult in practice. Perhaps, once you get to the table you are well-equiped and have the respect and kudos to be heard, but you still need to get to that point and therein lies my challenge.


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