Don’t lean on me or so your sign should warn

My first day at boarding school was an interesting one. It was all foreign for me. I was quite bewildered. Then my roommate came in with her twin sister. They were loud, giggling and hugging each other. One sister was attending my same boarding school and another was attending a different one. They were about to make the biggest differentiation event for themselves.

Despite such an overt act of establishing different contexts, they were extremely supportive of one another. They even performed and sang the song “Lean on Me”. One of the deepest lyrics they sang with a deep sense of commitment was

“Lean on me
When you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on…”

At the time, I found the song a bit hokey. Now, I look back and greatly appreciate that sentiment and clear commitment to that concept. I came across this graffiti the other day that got me thinking about the concept of being able to lean on someone.

Yes, it was more of a construction safety project sign. However it got me thinking of how there are some people who should readily wear a sign noting they shouldn’t be leaned on. There are some people who without a doubt you can count on. Then there are those for which it is a crapshoot. Could go either way. Then there are those who can’t be counted on no matter what. It would be nice if people wore flashing shirts that made it clear. That way you don’t need to necessarily avoid them. You just lower your expectations and possibly your blood pressure as well.

People, in terms if realibility, can’t be changed. Either because they lack the capacity. Or because your perception has been so tainted. Let’s just make life easy and note that from the beginning and carry on. Relationships with low expectations can have a role in one’s life.

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  1. With over two decades of law enforcement and a Biblical mindset on the overall brokenness of man, I’ll have to agree. Most of us would test a post before we leaned on it, but some are so needy of support they take the risk until experience kicks in. Subbing in high school, I smile at new relationships that last only a bit longer than a snowflake. But, my opinion is that trying one more time is worth the investment.

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  2. Thanks for the reminder! I let MYSELF get irritated at other people, when I know darned well I’m expecting something they either can’t or won’t give, and I’m only hurting myself.
    They COULD care. They SHOULD help. They would if they were decent human beings. Uh, that last one never works.
    And yet, if you asked THEM they would say they WERE being supportive.
    It’s a ‘five languages of love’ kind of thing sometimes. Or you really should get rid of those people.
    I just hate having to do all the understanding, all the time, for clueless people. Because they lack empathy and self-awareness, but otherwise are doing the best they can. Okay, some of what they can. In between demanding what they need from you, which is far more important, of course.
    Ooops! I can see I need more work on myself. 🙂


  3. So Much Easier to Be
    Grounded As A Power

    Tower of Electricity


    Tree For

    Folks To Lean

    On Just Lending

    Electricity When Power

    Doesn’t Have to Work Now

    For The Electric Company Anymore

    And True It’s Nice Not to Feel Empty

    If One Of the




    The Favor

    What A Tower
    of LoVE RiSinG Grows
    In Extra Electricity to Shed Leaves..:)


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