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Luck is to be a force today

Today is supposed to be a lucky day. However, by just stating that, I habe probably jinxed everything. Hence expect it to be an unlucky day. Unless, of course, I knock on wood while I state all this. I’m quite superstitious, you see. All day today, I’ll be looking for the signs seeing or unseeing them as I see fit.

Why is today lucky? Well, why not? So many days have come and gone with horrible luck. One of these days might as well be lucky. And, why not today? Sometimes you have to will things into power and being.

Also, today marks 251 straight days of writing. Before then it had been over 1,800 and one day I just stopped. However, I’m at it again and note it every once in a while. Anyway. The number 251 is supposed to be a lucky one. Or so I have been advised by the powers that are Google.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s see what I will into power.

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  1. The Force Yes The Power Yes
    The Hope Yes the Faith Yes

    The Belief

    The Love

    of the ‘Sugar
    Pill’ Or As Science
    Refers to the Effect
    of Belief That Will YES

    (P L A C E B O FOR ReaL)

    Actually Put Incurable

    Disease into the Halls

    Yes the Files Of Unexplained

    Remission of Terminal Illness

    Isn’t it a Bit Strange
    That Science

    Works So Hard
    To Create Pills

    Better Than the Power
    of Belief Yet They Seem to

    Leave Out the Horse For
    The Cart of Pills They Carry Behind

    No, No,

    Not to me
    For i Have
    Learned to Make
    All of Life A Poetry
    Prompt of Meaning

    And Purpose to Dance
    And Sing The Marry of Night
    Straight Up into the Merry of Day

    Day And
    Night All Seasons
    Now And Weathers
    Of Emotional Regulation
    And Sensory Integration At
    Hand of Mastery Within in Autotelic

    Flow of MaKinG All of Life NoW into
    A Sugar Pill For Real With SMiLes Yes!

    Does it Work, Well of Course Science
    Already Proves it, It Just Doesn’t Take it

    To the Larger Frontiers of Space Within
    Coloring Christmas Trees Wiring Them
    With New Colors oF LiGHT iN Autotelic

    Flow of Poetry

    Prompt Life


    In Flow From DarK To LiGHT DeLiGHT
    Never Ever TaKinG Our Christmas Trees
    In Even Newer Colors oF LiGHT Down Now
    Of Course Unless We Wanna Little Bit of

    Spice in Hell

    To Enjoy


    Within Even More

    As Yes Every Place
    of Yin Needs A Splotch of Yang
    too For A Balance of DarK Thru LiGHT….

    Thank God For Duration Between Two Dates
    Calendars Online And Other Folks Who Are Fixated
    on Writing Each And Every Day For Mental Health

    Enjoying A



    of Free Style

    And CReATiViTY Each and Every Day Since Your
    New String of Consecutive Days Rises to 251
    Since Your One Day Vacation From Writing
    1800 Days Consecutively Before And True

    my 11 Year Anniversary of Consecutive Days
    Through All Seasons, Weathers, of Hell Thru
    Heaven on Earth Within Coming on ThankGiving
    Day of 2021, Yep “Thanks Giving For Giving 2021”

    For me And A Title of A Blog Post Coming After
    The One i am Doing Now Called “i’ve Got MuSiC (GoD) iN me”

    As It’s True Since that Day i Came Online ThanksGiving
    Day of 2010 to Attempt to Escape the Suicide Disease
    (Without Doing It) Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From
    Wake to Sleep For 66 Months Total That No Drug Would
    Touch Assessed As the Worst Pain Known to Humankind

    Yes For A Reference Point Actually Assessed As Worse
    Than the Torture of Real Crucifixion For 66 Months no 3 Hour

    to 3 Day Gilligan’s Isle Vacation of Crucifixion With End for

    me then; Yes, Over 13 MiLLioN Words Online Since That
    Thanks Giving Day Then Writing Every Day to get
    my Mind off of Escaping Hell And Eventually i Did

    Took About 33 Months More Yet Eventually i Did

    And Then Came What Will Be 9.9 MiLLioN Words
    of Free Verse EPiC Long Form Poetry For “SonG
    oF mY SoUL” Starting 8.18.2013, RiSinG to that
    Total on November 18, 2021 in 99 Months Plus
    Living in Heaven Within Recovering Finally From
    Hell for 100 Months, Ever Since July 19, 2013, Well,

    i Suppose the Message Here is Keep Writing
    PsychologistMimi It Really Does Save Lives

    It Really Is A Real Sugar Pill And Source of Salvation

    of Course When Every Move Becomes Sacred and
    Holy Dance With the Song of Poetry When All of Life

    Becomes A Sugar Pill the MuSiC Within my FRiEnD

    To Give, Share, Care Freely With Least Harm For All!..:)

    (From and including: Thursday, November 25, 2010
    To and including: Tuesday, November 16, 2021
    Result: 4010 days It is 4010 days from the start
    date to the end date, end date included. Or 10 years,
    11 months, 23 days including the end date. Or 131 months,

    23 days including the end date)


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