Fake candid moments: Will the real Slim Shady stand up?

So much of everyday life is staged. After twenty years of living with the Kardashians, we have some insight into the extent to which people are willing to say things that seem authentic to enhance their bottom line. With them we’ve had years upon years of manufactured drama “fake” candid moments. Oh the many produced confessions and moments of insights.

During this time, we also were able to improve of cell phone technology whereby we are all now amateur to professional photographers. T used to be before that museums and news shows were the place to get real facts and portraits. Now everyone can create their own portraits with filters that can enhance reality. With news shows it used to be them first on the scene and first out with the visual insights into whatever might have unfolded. Now, everyone is a reporter. And many times we are actually glad for as a society things can’t be so easily hidden.

With all that said, where have all the candid shots full of psychological and human dignity insight gone?

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