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Don’t throw out my legos

These past two years, I have been experiencing a spike in livid dreaming. I’ve been having colorful vivid, wild dreams. Could be the result of stress. The last two years have consisted of one crisis after another. It’s gotten to the point that I often shrug my shoulder and ask “what now?”

As a result of the daily emotional rollercoasters, I’ve been having vivid dreams. That’s my own belief and theory. Last night was no different.

I was in a sea of skin that I had to keep pulling off. And, I would bite it. It was almost akin to biting my nails but it was a sea upon which I was floating. I don’t believe I had any boat or life jacket.

As I was pulling off the skin, I kept screaming “don’t throw away my legos.” I couldn’t see the legos. I also couldn’t see if there were people around. Who was I screaming to for help. If that was a plea for help. I have to note that I do not have any legos. But I certainly woke up biting my nails.

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  1. As They Say Listen to Body Pains
    For Moving Change Connecting
    Co-Creating Water Waves Ocean
    More As They Do Listen to Dreams
    Lest We Lose Soul
    Now Deepest
    Parts Within
    Springing Fall
    From Winter BREaTHE
    Summer Again Shining Within..:)

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  2.     Yes, legos are getting under your skin. There’s a lot of talk about legos on the media. There lego building contests on TV shows. There’s even a commercial for paper towels where someone steps on a lego and spills something. This and similar commercials do not focus on the culpability of the kids. The focus is on the product. In real life someone could get badly hurt.
        But anyway, without knowing how you relate to these things and what frustrations it might symbolize, it impossible to say anything cogent about what it might mean.
        However, there are many books on how to induce lucid dreams. If you could induce a lucid dream then you could ask the legos what they want from you, and you could make a weapon against them or make friends with them by having them construct a building or device that would show you how to handle your crisis.
        It is difficult and takes practice. But don’t ask me — I’m a hypocrite. I can’t do it (well at the moment anyway… might try again), but it could give you a leg up on the next leg of your journey in life. These kinds of topics have got legs. See, it all depends on what you associate it with.
        There are also the misheard and mis-perceived things in the background that your subconscious can pick up on.
    There’s a commercial slogan, “Let go of my Eggo ™.” And you have to have a big Ego to say Eggo as an actor without embarrassment and shame. I’ve never actually eaten an Eggo.
        “So what’s up Doc?” — Bugs Bunny expression.

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