A cold, cold heart can sting a tearless set of eyes

A cold, cold heart can sting a tearless set of eyes. At times, a betrayal or a disappointment can wreck you yet not tears can flow from your eyes. The eyes are dried out as if they were prunes. They hurt to itch and rub. However, you rub and rub until they feel like they are about to pop out. That would be scary. Would have to hope that the popped out eye doesn’t roll into a dark, deep unreachable crevice. Tweezers and tongs won’t be able to scoop out the eye. Or so it seems for I have never tried. The gooey nature would pose a slippery-grab challenge. I’m still haunted by that Bunuel (and Dali) short movie where he cuts an eyeball. This was in the movie “Un Chien Andalou” and apparently is was a real eyeball that was sliced open. It just wasn’t human. Or so they say.

I have no idea why I have dwelled o this. It’s rather gruesome. Oh yes, I started with betrayal and disappointment along with a set of dry eyes. Weird how the mind works and jumps from one image and story to another.

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