This time I barely wrapped my glassware

It’s a big day for me. I’m moving yet again. Yes, it is true. Mind you. Although, I’ve lived in over 23 cities I am not moving to a new city. I’m just moving in to my third apartment in three years. I’m tired of moving. Tired of packing. Tired of unpacking. This time I barely wrapped my glassware. I put some thick sweaters on my glassware and called it a day. I no longer fret about breaking glass. As long as no one gets cut, so be it.

So be it. That is my phrase of the day. Actually, it has been my phrase for about three weeks. Sometimes you just reach a point that these very little, type A endeavors no longer matter.

I walk through the flower arches taking them in. Exhaling out my worries.

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  1. I am living in the last apartment I will share with my spouse, my ‘forever home.’

    We lived in the previous home 37 years.

    I HATE moving. I still miss every house, every apartment I’ve lived in before. My condolences for you having to move yet again. But I’m also sure you’re much better at it than I could ever be, and, I hope, carry less unessential junk.


      • Permanence of body frees me from the chores of moving – I understand how you would want to just throw a sweater as padding and protection over the glasses. Hope it’s good enough.

        Sounds monk-like – having to pare down what you own repeatedly. They do it annually, too.

        I am fine – moving a few long-term items into the ‘done’ column will free up some worrying.


  2. Oh my gosh has it Been that Long…

    i Remember Your First Move in

    New York, New York, This

    Go Around 3 Years

    Ago i Sure Am

    Glad the


    Is Nothing
    Visiting Here
    Each Day Hehe…

    Except for that One
    Day You Missed when
    The Shop Was Closed of Course..:)


  3. I am the same at packing & moving now. I sold my house (where I had lived for 33 years) a little over 5 years ago and have lived in 4 different apartments since then. Each time I get rid of more stuff and take less care in packing. I am planning one (hopefully LAST) move for next summer to a new city. I am already making a list of what I will get rid of (either sell or give away) and I hope I can find a place to really call HOME.


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