Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

When I was pregnant, I was often not feeling that great. I had morning sickness for seven months. I didn’t tell many people that I was pregnant until about the fifth month. And, because I had such horrible morning sickness, I actually lost weight in the beginning. Some individuals thought I was experiencing a great illness. Thankfully, that was not the case. The pregnancy was hard. But the labor was easy in that it was just 12 minutes long. And, a beautiful loving boy was the outcome.

Perhaps that’s not the best example, but often we travel difficult roads that lead to beautiful destinations. Such was the case with my pregnancy. Such has been the case with many of my other life endeavors.

You have to leave yourself vulnerable enough to reach those beautiful destinations.

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  1. Pain
    A Step
    Ahead to
    As LonG As
    We Keep On
    Dancing Singing
    Through All DarK
    ‘TWaS A Dark And Stormy
    Night’ It’s Not About Publishing…
    of A Dog
    Who Jumped For Joy
    Landing in Heaven
    Falling Down Getting Up
    Overcoming All Other
    London Bridges Falling Down..:)


  2. My daughter just had her own difficult road. The result is a beautiful baby girl taken at 33 weeks by c-section due to preeclampsia. She’s home now but the baby, named Morgan, will stay in the NICU until it reaches 5+ lbs. and has a fully developed suckling reflex.
    A sudden bout of post-partum shingles (???) means she isn’t able to visit the child until it heals but at least the father is able to. Due to COVID restrictions neither my wife nor I can see her until she comes home.

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