Those friends that you can text “I need you” and the phone rings

Have you heard of ride or die friends? Those friends who will be there with you to the end. When you have such people in your life, even if its just one person, you are rich and blessed. Last year around this time I sent an early morning text for help and it changed my trajectory.

Today I write a small piece in honor of that friend who stood there with me while chaos surrounded me. The pandemic didn’t matter. The economy didn’t matter. We mattered. I mattered.

Cherish those individuals who will drop everything to help you. So many people are busy doing 101 things each day, these days. Yet, there’s one that will stop and hold out their hand.

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  1. I believe this is a major point in a world where everyone someone meets becomes another “friend.” For me genuine friendship is about trust and caring in action and not based on lip service to the label “friend.” Great topic.


  2. From An Extended Family Village Then
    Where The Entire Village Raises the Child

    to Nomads in Japan

    Where Clean-Up

    Crews Take

    Care of

    The Remains

    of Elder’s With

    No FlesH and Blood
    Connections in Tall
    Skyscraper Apartments

    And Considering That A Quarter
    of Millennials are Assessed with

    Not Even Any FlesH And Blood

    Acquaintances in Life BEFORE

    COVID-19 i’m Glad to Hear You

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    The Way Humanity Lives Now is Far From So-Called

    Normal Even For The So-Called Folks Following ‘The Rules’…


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