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Moving from a place of fear

As you make new friendships and relationships, you somewhat enter a blank space or canvas. However, you are not. You bring fears, goals, and mental handcuffs. You might bring scattered thoughts even on a solid foundation. One thing to monitor is to see if you are moving from […]

Break it and you buy it: No thanks

  Sometimes when you break something in a store, then they make you pay for it.  I remember hearing something similar when Colin Powell noted the Pottery Barn rule of “you break it, you bought it.” Although, the phrase goes further back than Pottery Barn, supposedly. The phrase “If you break it, you’ve bought it” was reportedly first […]

Dying for Love

I love life with all of my being The years have been a complex hard-fought journey Yet my calcified bones have found a zest for living But you make me want to die In that moment of fierce hatred I feel wounded, empty, and alone like a punctured […]