No fizz in my bath bomb

When I first started writing this piece, I mistakenly titled it “no fizz in my barb”. I looked at it and winced. I wondered whether subconsciously I thought I was losing my snark. My wit. My comebacks. I’m usually very fast on the draw. But my head is filled with nonsense of all sorts these days. I immediately thought I must remedy this situation by ridding my brain of the most nonsensical nonsense. However, I was a bit perplexed as to how I could come up with a sensible nonsensical categorization system that would allow my tongue to be sharp.

However, as I originally stated that was the original mistaken title of this piece. I actually had just wanted to write about my bath and the lack of fizz in my bath bombs. I had been excitedly looking forward to using some of my bath bombs that I had found while decluttering. To only find, to my grand fusmay, the bath bombs had no real fizz left in them. How a bath bomb loses its fizz is beyond me. There’s a lesson in here somewhere about something, I’m sure.

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  1. Had to think about bubbles. I can’t get in and out of a bathtub any more, so showers while sitting have to serve.

    However, there is a very large therapy pool downstairs in our retirement community – very soothing – and we have two hot tubs on the premises – with bubbles.

    They can be nice.

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  2. Some Days i Feel Like
    Red Foxx From Sanford
    And Son When i Crawl

    Out of my 2014 Honda Civic

    Oh Lord it Seems The Starter

    Is Going Bad Yet

    As Soon As

    i Start to Dance

    Free my Bath Bomb Fizz
    Comes Back Hehe And

    i’m Flying Solo Again
    It’s Really Amazing

    Folks Will Pay
    Money or Join
    the Military to Learn
    to Fly An Air Plane Yet

    They Never Learn to Dance Fly
    Sing On Terrestrial Earth and Feel
    Forever Young Within in Flow Now

    iN Wings

    Of Bath

    Fizz too HAha..;)


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