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Spotted my first bits of candy corn of the season

I love, love, and love Halloween. I still get a new costume each year. Last year, I was the Queen of Hearts. This year I’m going to be Beatrix Kiddo, AKA the Bride in Kill Bill. You know that Tarantino movie with Uma Thurman. She wakes up from a four-year coma with a thirst for revenge. Quite a change in costumes for me from last year. But actually not. I won’t, however, elaborate upon that here.

Oh Halloween, how I love thee. I love haunted houses. I love the silliness. I love the candy. Well, except for candy corn. Yuck. Or as my seven year old niece says “yucky”. How anyone likes candy corn is beyond me. And, how it keeps appearing in trick or treat bags quite befuddles me. But there’s always something for everyone. Marzipan is another that is just not my thing. While we are at it, let’s add fruit cake. Those tastes most certainly are to be acquired and at this stage in my life, they will not be.

Anyway, back to candy corn. I was walking this morning and spotted my first bit of candy corn on the street. I laughed and felt the brisk October air. Autumn is here. Let the mirth begin.

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  1. “Brisk October Breeze” Not Always
    Prevalent Yet Signal For Fall Festivals

    To Wash Away the Shorter Days in Florida Coming
    From the Rest of Holiday Festivals to Come to Light Us Up
    Similar to the Festival of Colors And Lights in India Coming

    This Year on November the 4th Yet Sadly Here Some of The Festivals
    Have Gone Extinct Now Since Covid-19 One in a Place Called Niceville

    That Welcomed me Back FoR A Public Dance For 7 Years Until Covid-19
    Washed It Away Forever Last year in 2020 Yet i Guess it’s Just As Well

    Hehe as in the Last
    Year in 2019 the
    Trump Crowd
    Was A Bit
    More Up


    And Tattle Taled
    on me For Carrying

    A Large Gun in my Pocket

    Never the Less i Was Happy to

    See Them Fully Complying Just Whipping Out my
    iPhone 10XS all 6.1 Inches When A Group then

    (i didn’t Volunteer Any Links to See More of me)

    Of Officers Frisked me in Front of The Whole

    Dance Crowd Not Even Any Ruffled Feathers

    i Proceeded to Fly With Wings of Dance

    For the Crowd and Gospel

    Singing Group



    You Know How
    It Goes When You
    Find Yourself in Rome
    Again Ya Find Some Way
    To Fit in Yet Not Change At all Hehe to Be Free…

    Happy Halloween With or Without New Costumes
    For me Year-Round ALWaYS 2 Closets FULL And Literally
    Almost A Thousand Different Dance MeMe T-Shirts As Such..;)


  2. Yay, I love Halloween! 🎃 🦇 🧙🏾‍♀️
    I did not love Kill Bill. I had to turn it off after maybe 20 minutes. Too much violence and gore for a non-horror movie.


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