You either take them off gently or you rip them off quickly

Sadly, clumsy me has had many a fall lately. I fell crossing the street after becoming lightheaded. And, no, I was not texting or otherwise engaged with my phone. It may have been from being locked in an office with 100 boxes or it may have been being stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half. Either way fumes, dust, and poor air quality could have been the culprit in knocking me down. New York traffic is seemingly worse now than pre-pandemic. Most defnitely worse than during the pandemic. It’s a madhouse. But I digress. Oh my.

Upon falling, I fell to avoid hitting my head on the pavement. Thus, my knees took the brunt of the fall. Bloodied and in pain I hobbled home. And, many bandaids were used. I’m still using bandaids. It has been a long recovery. One which was not aided by being knocked to the ground by a guy on a moped racing by in the wrong traffic direction. Sometimes, you just can’t win. Let alone catch a break. Hence, more bandaids.

Here’s the thing about bandaids. You either take them off gently or you rip them off quickly. It all depends on how bruised you expect it all to be and what the situation can bear. I think you get what I mean.

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  1. ‘Moped racing by in the wrong direction’ should be ticketed. Too bad he got away with it – that was NOT cool. So sorry.
    Falling so as not to hit your head – I understand. Hope you have a snack on hand usually – it CAN help with the lightheadedness sometimes.


  2. Oh My Gosh i Am So Sad You Skinned

    Your Knees On the Other Hand

    Smiles i’m Glad You

    Saved Your


    And Hands
    Still A Silver
    Lining of Writing
    There is in the Midst
    of New York Traffic in a Minute

    Yet i have Another Hand to Say and
    That is Getting Light Headed may be a
    Sign of Burning Out So Refresh You Stars of


    As You
    to Do Here For Now..:)


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