I feel like I have 2004 rhymes

204 days

I feel like I have 2004 rhymes

But 24 hours isn’t enough

20,400 jumbled words

But my bio need be 420

My 240 shoes don’t want to stand up

Droopy eyes want to sleep at 2:04am

The clock is ticking

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  1. HeHE ALL i KNoW is 2 Plus 4 Equals

    6 Yet True 24 is the Alphanumeric Letter

    X For Twenty-Four Carat Gold Change


    So at Least

    According to
    ‘Bruno Mars’ With SMiLes…

    And Of Course 42 And the
    Bio Of Your Life Very Meaningful
    And Purposeful too As You Keep

    Your Consecutive Highly Creative
    Eclectic Daily Blog Posts of Art Going

    240 Days and All the Left Overs After

    The Poems You Write i Bring You Are So

    Nice to Allow me to Rent in Your New York,
    New York Place For Years Now i’ve Lost Count

    HAha As Every Now is Forever to me Anyway

    i Could Look Back i Guess Yet That Will Only

    Take Away From this Next Word

    of Creativity


    Just Fumes

    Just Fumes

    24 For Transformation Anew
    42 For Purpose and Meaning
    And Then There is 6 And 66,666
    Views of Close to 1 MiLLioN Words
    of Poetic Free Verse “Depth of The Story”
    On the “Wrong Planet” 13 Months Now As in

    This Case

    And This

    Day 9.30.2021

    There iS A Whole Lot
    of Transformation And
    Meaning And Purpose in
    The Air i BReaTHE NoW

    Oh By The Way Love All
    Your 204 Pairs of Shoes
    As That is Just You With SMiLes…
    ALWaYS Something New As Nomads Naturally Do..:)


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