Never get too comfortable

One thing I know for sure about life and our role in tbe universe is that you should never get too comfortable. Growing up as a very poor child in the South Bronx, I understood life could be tough. However, I also saw that there are people out there willing to help. I have many real-life childhood heroes, including my mom, family, and teachers.

I also have been quite fortunate to meet very dedicated and loyal people. In a very odd way, I’ve been lucky to also inspire loyalty. I’ve had help, in other words. I’ve had opportunities to thrive and to feel comfortable in my skin.

Yet, I always advise others, as well as myself, never get too comfortable. When you get too comfortable you might lose your edge and your drive. When you get too comfortable others may just pull the rug out from under you. You can be blindsided over the most petty or frivolous situation. Getting too comfortable is a luxury that you shouldn’t want to afford. Nor can you really afford. Enjoy the good things but always be vigilant.

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  1. Excellent point. Life is bittersweet and it’s easy to think it’s sweet all the time when things are going well. But it’s not realistic nor is it the way the universe is operating in my experience.


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