Television shows should just be 3 seasons long

Considering the chaos all around me these days in New York City, this topic might be a little frivolous. Or rather, it may on its surface appear to be frivolous. However, considering my long days and nights a little frivolity is in order. Most assuredly, some moments of levity are needed to seen within the fabric of our lives. Levity. Frivolity. Banality. No. No banality. I draw the line there.

Either way, let’s get to it.

Let’s talk television. I love television. And, in particular I love it when my brain can just chill for a bit and go into some fantastical world. I’ve been re-watching Harry Potter lately. It’s taking me a bit of time to just get through the second one. There are dishes to be washed and shoes to be put away.

In terms of television series, the United States is quite unique. First, our soap operas go in for decades. Well, some were finally put out to pasture. In Latin American countries, soap operas are typically less than a year. We like elongated dramas for whatever reason. Well, there’s a whole cultural psychological background I could give you but let me stick to the surface here. Remember, frivolity.

Some of our television series have gone on for more than 10 or 15 seasons. Think about the actors on those shows. How do they stay in character for so long? Imagine dedicating a whole decade of your life to be Ross. Shake my head. I believe the average length may be closer to seven seasons. Even at that length some story lines get prolonged or repeated to the point of being irrelevant and stale. Except for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That should have stayed on longer.

Here’s the deal. Often a first seadon serms fresh and promising. Thus it gets a second season. Then that second season comes and it lost a bit of zest. It goes through a sophomore slump. Yet, people hang on vased on the promise of the first season. Then, sometimes the show comes roaring back that third season. And, we feel great. At that point, the show should just end. Go out on top. Make clean, crisp, and tight storylines. If it doesn’t come roaring back that third season, definitely let it go. Who needs two years of disappointment? Well, I suppose we have all gone through it with two years of covid.

Either, three seasons should be enough.

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  1. Hehe, Yet You Are A Nomad

    And Surely Not Someone

    Still Waiting in the

    Desert for ‘Godot’ To Come

    True Long Seasons of TV Shows

    Serve A Common Meaning and Purpose

    Vicarious Stories to Bond and Bind With

    Heroes And Villains All A Matrix on A

    Tube For Folks Who Watch Yet No Longer
    Move, Connect, And Co-Create As Even Social
    Animal Dogs Do When Not Just A Piece of Forgotten

    Furniture in the BackYard to Guard the Landscape and Home…

    And Human Therein Yet of Course Stuff is More Important

    ‘These Days’ Where Perhaps We Do Not ‘Sharia

    Chop Hands off of Thieves’ Yet ‘We’ Just Shoot

    Them ‘Johnny on the Spot DEAD’ If and When

    They BreaK-in Lord Yes WHere Florida ‘Big
    Small Men’ With Big Four Wheel Drives

    Barely Climb Out of Their
    Trucks For They Too

    Do Not Move,

    And Co-Create too Much
    Relying on the Exoskeleton
    Of A Vehicle A Vessel Only

    A Myth Left of When Real Humans Were Real Hehe..

    It’s Not Really Funny Yet it is What it is When one is A Real
    Participant Anthropology Observer Who Mixes in Most Every

    Crowd to see

    What’s Really

    Going Up or Down
    In A Viagra World Like This Haha…

    Anyway i surely Have not TotAlly Escaped This New
    First World Way of Life As Even though There Was

    Not TV to Become a Vicarious Only Spectator of until
    i Was 7 Years-Old Moving to A Bigger City With Three
    Black and White Channels still Being Impacted More by

    The Record Player My Mother Had And A ‘Taste of Honey’

    By Herb Albert in 1967, Soon to Be Replaced By “So let it out and let it in,
    hey Jude, begin,You’re waiting for someone to perform with.
    And don’t you know that it’s just you, hey Jude, you’ll do,
    The movement you need is on your shoulder.
    Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.
    Take a sad song and make it better.
    Remember to let her under your skin,
    Then you’ll begin to make it Better better
    better better better better, oh.Na na na nananana,
    nannana, hey Jude… (repeat X number of times, fade)”

    What Humans Seem to Fear the Most These Days

    What’s Underneath The Skin All Exposed

    For the World to Breathe True i’ve

    Let a Few Under my Skin

    Perhaps Even


    too Deep…

    Yet It’s True

    The Jude Always
    Bleeds Most to Come to See DarK Makes LiGHT NoW… Hmm…

    Anyway Our First Color TV at Age 16, in ’76, it Blew Up Three
    Years Later A Console in A Steam of Smoke And then

    my First Purchase on a Lowe’s Credit Card and the Next
    Day i Had a 25″ Color TV At Age 26, in ’86, Perpetually

    In Some Kind of Debt until ’16, and 56, Oh Lord Finally

    Free of Any Dollar Bill Owed to Anyone Else in this World…

    In The Interim i Became a Cog in the Machine Spoon-Fed
    What to Do By the Government No Different Than School
    All For 33 Years Total of Work And The 3 Degrees Spoon-
    Fed Through 19 Years of College All the Input that Taught me Nothing

    (Writer’s Block All The Way Through Except for Technical Lists then)

    Really About Free Verse Moving, Connecting and Co-Creating

    And Finally All the Input Became JUST TOO MUCH So much
    Pain i Could No Longer Listen to Music or Watch TV At All

    Yet my Fingers Still Worked Tolerating the Pain of the
    Screen Turned All the Way Down Thanks Giving

    Day of 2010, All Those Consecutive Days; Yes,

    342,144,000 Seconds; Yes, 3960 Days; Yes,
    10 Years 10 Months 3 Days; Yes, 130 Months
    3 Days Without A Break of Writing Still Now Around
    13 MiLLioN Words Online First Last Respite Then of THE

    (Not Exactly 3, 6, and 9; Yet Still 3960)

    Suicide Disease to Continue

    Living Someway Through
    All the Pain and Numb

    Every Word A Mountain
    of Pain First And Eventually

    A Poetic Spark on the Last Day
    of February of 2013 March 1st

    A New World For me on 3.1.13

    Sort of Like 12.22.21 And Escaping

    A Matrix Too It took All that Darkness
    Pain and Numb And Practically Deaf And
    Blind to Do it Effectively So in Dying Living

    Recovering Real From the Pain And Numb
    On ‘That Beach’ on July 19, 2013 iN Heaven

    And Yes i Do Sing Dance Dear Psychologist Mimi

    This Is Just Part 3 of a Next Matrix Series at Your Place

    of Movies of My Life That Just Never Neo End Now hehe…

    my Wife could be Satisfied Never Leaving the House For
    The Rest of Her Life As Long As Her DVR Stays Warm

    And Cleaning the Home Noticing the Furniture of me
    Hehe Now and then Sort of Hard to miss these Days

    With A Special
    Term She’s
    Created as

    For All the
    Load of me Moving,
    Connecting, Co-Creating,

    She Portions Out Hehe online
    For me to Do And All The Stores
    To Keep Those Dance Floors Warm…

    It All Works Out Perfectly Enough Just
    Like A Dream Come Truly Happily
    Enough Forever Now With


    For Real

    DarK Thru LiGHT

    In Heaven NoW As
    Long As i Don’t Make Her Mad
    Hehe for Even Just one Day With SMiLes

    iN Heaven It’s True Don’t Let Anyone Fool

    Ya the Only Place Heaven Will Possibly

    Exist Within AS Every Human Breaks ‘The Mold’…

    True No Use to Wait for Godot For We aRe ALL

    Entire UNiVeRSES to Explore And Master As We Do
    or Do Not WiTH


    to Create
    Soul to Make
    SPiRiT to Give
    Share And HeART

    ALWaYS to Break And Mend

    From Tears
    Sweat And Blood


    Lasting First Again With SMiLes…

    Anyway i Understand the Necessity
    For Frivial Pursuits in the Working World
    Too For Years all i did is Play A Mindless
    Little Snow-Board Game After Work After
    Gym And Went to Bed 5 Days A Week and
    The Last Two Just Getting Ready For the

    (i Had Nothing Left for my Wife Not Even
    A Word Some Nights i Had to Dream
    To Remember She Was Living
    in my Home Such A Dead Life)

    (Hehe, SoulFull Note to Wife Be
    Careful What Ya Wish for hehe)

    Wash and Rinse

    And Dry Cycle

    of the

    Never Ending Rain…

    iN Short and Long Now At Least i LiVE..NoW… THeN

    The Only Godot i Waited on Hehe, ReTiReMeNT…

    i Had No Idea That Would Almost Cost my Life to


    worth it…

    ALL oF IT NoW to me..:)



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