A woman’s scream sent the whole world on a tizzy

She was riding the elevator all the way from the top. She loved staying on a high floor in a hotel. She wanted to stay as far as possible from other people.

As she was riding the elevator back down to the lobby when the wave hit her. The elevator shook and she became disoriented. A woman’s scream sent the whole world on a tizzy. Nothing felt stable. She felt scared and liberated simultaneously. Another’s rage was pushing her forward.

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  1. Hmm… ‘Rage Against The Machine’ Another
    Contemporary Song Associated With the
    ‘Matrix’ Series of Movies Yet Also

    Familiar With the Latest

    Trailer For the Matrix 4

    Movie Living Relatively

    High on the Pyramid

    In Creature

    Meeting Struggle
    Intensely on A Downward

    Spiral in An Elevator From


    (Worm Hole or Whatever

    Other Metaphor Ya Create)

    And Becoming

    A Totally



    of Humanity

    As Epigenetics

    And Beyond Sure

    In Quantum Metaphor

    Unleashing ReLeASinG Human Potentials
    Never Experienced Now or Even Seen Before…

    True This is the Down and Upside Condition of Human too…

    Yes i Still Remember The

    Date for me on

    July 19, 2013

    However There Were

    No Matrix Movie

    Glitz of Special

    Effects i Simply
    Became One With Emerald
    Green Waves Sugar White
    Sands Sea Oats Swaying

    In the Breeze And Sea
    Gull Wings Spiraling

    Effortlessly Around
    The Sun Above And
    So Below Within me SaME…

    It Didn’t Make Any Special Effects At
    All On the Outside No Different Than the

    Invisible Pain and Numb So Intense Within
    Before For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep
    No Drug Would Touch True All i Had to Do

    Is Become

    The Beach

    What i Did As

    A Teenager Through

    All The Stresses of Puberty too…

    Just Be the Beach Just Be The Beach i AM ALiVE NoW..:)

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